Sonic Drive-In isn't a familiar takeaway restaurant to most Australians, but in North America the Sonic restaurant chain is well known for its convenient food and sizable drinks. In recent years, like a lot of restaurant chains, Sonic has started releasing limited edition branded merchandise drops. Their latest capsule collection is simple, but effective -- especially because it ties in nicely with America's Got Talent.

sonic logo printed navy shirts

Why Release Logo Merchandise?

For many restaurants struggling during the pandemic, logo printed t-shirts and other nostalgic merchandise have provided extra revenue to outlets big and small. Even franchises like McDonald's have benefited from having an additional source of profit while food sales were restricted or low. So seeing Sonic Drive-In joining in on releasing their own capsule drop makes sense, given the context. In addition, the chain has a lucrative deal going with America's Got Talent allowing one of its new products to become so coveted that it sold out immediately upon being placed in the brand's online store

sonic branded tumbler agt cast with cups

Grabbing Attention With Custom Products

Sonic's logo decorated drink tumblers managed to develop a cult following because the celebrity hosts on America's Got Talent have been enjoying their beverages from them from behind the judge's desk on the popular program. While small chains can't possible enjoy the visibility that Sonic has due to its partnership with America's Got Talent, ultimately just the exposure gained from products being sold to and used by consumers can prove extremely useful to small businesses (and that's not even including the profit that can be made from retail sales). So if you're keen to get your organisation noticed, try some of the following products in your next marketing campaign:

All of these products are relatively cost-effective, long-lasting, and functional. Once a promotional products business like Cubic Promote produces this items with your logo, your gear is bound to get noticed by keen consumers! So why not draw some inspiration from Sonic Drive-In's latest capsule collection and get your logo out there with custom promotional items!


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