Starbucks began its journey to widespread fame and consumption in 1971 and with this initiation a logo was born, in the form of the 'Starbucks Siren'.

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History Of The Starbucks Siren Logo

The legend goes that the original promotional logo takes inspiration for the Ancient Greek Sailor's tales of Sirens, who were said to be the temptresses of the sea, whom would sing enchanting, dulcet melodies to entrance the deliriously awestruck sailors to their watery graves. The original Starbucks logo depicted this mythological figure with more historical realism than the modern, stylised version that we have today.


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In 1987 the logo was reimagined, by changing the colours from the brown and white aesthetic to the now iconic green and white which we all know and recognise as being synonomous with the 'Starbucks' brand.


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In 1992 the logo was further tweaked, with the image of the 'Starbucks Siren' upper torso, face and hair becoming the focus of the logo, with the majority of her twin tail being erased only to leave the tips so as not the lose the iconography and symbolism that is entailed in the two-pronged tail of the siren , while the standard image of the mermaid is depicted with one, solid tail,  which makes it easy to differentiate the two mythical creatures.


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Finally, in 2011 the logo was updated one more time with the dropping of the Starbucks name for the logo, leaving just the symbolic siren emblem that is one and the same with the famous American coffee chain.


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The initial adoption of the mythical and mesmerising creature of folklore, the siren proved to be of inspired genius as it has stood the test of time, from 1971 with its initial illustration to its sleek modern interpretation of 2011, the 'Starbucks Siren' continues to lure coffee consumer with her luminous and enchanting beauty.


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Who Is The Starbucks Siren


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