better meals 2014

I know I can pack on better lunches. Eating take away food everyday at work is simply not as appetizing or healthy as packing your own. Even when I purchase healthy food options I cannot help but notice they are very heavy in salt. Even a simple soup and a sandwich is so high in salt nowadays.

Now here is a cool info graphic on simple basic ingredients that you can pack in the evening, or even in the morning. They are so basic yet so utterly nutritious. Check them out:

[caption id="attachment_4565" align="alignnone" width="430"]packing better lunches packing better lunches[/caption]

These simple combinations work up a very delicious treat. Obviously you are going to need a good sturdy lunch box to pack these in. We cannot think of anything better than one that I use myself all the time which is from our range of personalized lunch boxes and fruit flavoured bottle range.