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When you think of personalised gifts your mind probably drifts to the usual things. Stylish custom desktop items, premium body care products, heck, even delicious cookies and snacks! But it seems like a basketball fan out there has taken the idea of unique gifts to a different level with *ahem* slightly different custom printed presents being sent to NBA superstars recently...

custom spud art

Full Colour Printing Available on Almost Anything!

Potatoes. That's right, NBA superstars have been receiving potatoes with personalised decoration in recent weeks. Dirk Nowitzki was the first to share his potato likeness on Twitter, but now other basketball players have shared their own mysterious gift spuds including Hassan Whiteside, Frank Kaminsky III, and C.J. Miles (whose potato throws quite a bit of shade).

potato played yourself

Turns out that printing on potatoes is not only possible, it's become quite a "thing" since two potato printers turned up on the US Shark Tank wanting to pitch a custom printing business that delivered only personalised potatoes to recipients. But it's one thing to print a few words, with these mystery potatoes are being printed using a beautiful full colour digital process that essentially replicates photo quality colour... only on potatoes. While we use this process on things like custom notebooks, pens and bags on a daily basis, potatoes aren't on our list!

custom printed potatoes cj miles spud with printing

This just goes to show where there's a will there's a way and it doesn't look like the mystery potatoes are going to stop being delivered to basketball's greats anytime soon...

Spuds first spotted here:

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