Business Cards can all begin to look a little bit the same after a while. If you attend any networking function then you will know what I mean. There typically would be card after card of white and some black font. Now don't get me wrong. These cards are wonderful from a practical perspective and are awesome at simply putting: Name = Business = Number = email. However as a leave behind item that is truly appealing or inspiring, then most business cards fall way short.

That is where this special business card is so fascinating.

A Video Game Business Card

A designer by the name of Kevin Bates in Portland USA came up with this customised business card that doubles up as a video game. Kevin is a technical designer which means he has a lot more knowledge about how to create one, however check out the video below. It is rather cool.

business card tetris

Kevin has developed the card so that it can play both Tetris as well as Flappy Birds.

Might impressive effort. I cannot wait to see if there is enough interest in it so that someone can mass produce these products for public use! The last I heard, Kevin was trying to raise money on the KickStarter website to produce and sell kits that people can buy for $30-$50 to create their own video game business cards!