Post Malone, is not yet on the level of Eminem, but his popularity is on the rise. Other than albums, Post Malone is branching out into his line of merchandise. Lately, he has collaborated with beer brand Budweiser with a range of bags and apparel.

post malone apparel post malone printed merchandise

Limited Edition Products

To make things interesting and more desirable, Post Malone has taken the step to make all products a limited edition. If you want your desired colour or product, you have to be quick. There is a good range of pricing diversity with the products, which ensures there is something to suit any budget.

post malone merch

Inspiration for Music Merchandise

The products by Post Malone amounts to what is essentially Fan Merchandise. The inspiration behind the fonts, texts and graphics is unreleased album covers and lyrics. It also draws inspiration from some of Post Malone's favourite things.

Images of Merch on Offer

Pants! You would be surprised, but promotional custom branded pants are quite unusual. Most brands, bands, singers and organisations go for tops, like tee shirts and hoodies. Post Malone has gone one further by offering shorts and Sweat pants. The designs look quite funky too, check them out below.

post malone pantspost malone shorts

Something a Bit more Standard

The obligatory album or tour tee shirt. Post Malone also has a sweatshirt and hoodie options too. This is somewhat more normal, although the designs by Post Malone do look quite lovely.

post malone hoodieback sweatshirts post malonesweatshirts post malone

jackets post malone

Promotional Accessories

This range of apparel is rounded out by a duffle bag and a promotional cap. All in all, the range of clothing is perfect for aspiring hip hop artists to be kitted out entirely with one of the most popular rappers at the moment.

caps post malone

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