Mcdonalds in Japan has come up with a great idea to attract younger customers into its restaurants. Its latest marketing idea is to use printed plastic cups with cute images of a young couple in love. The images look great, except for one little amusing issue. Read on to find out more.

New Soft Drink in New Cups

So Mcdonalds Japan is releasing a new soft drink. The drink in question is called the McFizz soft drink. Visually they look amazing, especially when presented in clear plastic printed cups. The soft drink features an attractive colour that is darker towards the bottom.

When a customer drinks from the cup, the image on the other side of the cup becomes visible. The more you drink, the more of the image you see. In the end, you see an image of a boy and a girl together when you look through the custom printed clear cup. (for inclusive equality reasons, there is also a version for the same gender as well).

This is when this innocent little marketing event gets a little bit naughty. You see, people have been viewing these cups at a bit of an angle. When you do this, some rather exciting images appear. Check out some of the photos that have been posted online.

printed cups 14 aug 2019

Done on Purpose?

With many things that go Viral online, it makes me wonder if this controversial cups was done on purpose. Marketing is very sophisticated and smart now. There are many instances where seemingly accidents are done on purpose. So you can be the judge, are these Mcdonalds cups with their raunch images, a genuine mistake?