Many of the products sold on this website, find its way into the marketing and brand promotional campaigns for organizations around Australia. Products made in bulk quantities is not just for marketing and advertising though. Take, for example, this story about a young girl who created a go-fund-me to create teddy bears for young patient suffers in hospitals.

cute teddy bear june 2019

A Young Inventor

A 12-year-old girl called Ella Casano found going to the hospital for treatment of her autoimmune disease a little intimidating. So she decided to make the treatment process less scary, was to create a teddy bear, which would be popped over hospital equipment.

So what type of business can deliver and create teddy bears at low prices? The answer is Cubic Promote. You see our products, need not be exclusively made for advertising or promotion campaigns. We can easily design, create and mass produce products such as cute teddy bears, to make the trip to the hospital for young kids more pleasant.

Custom Teddy Bears Created by Ella

The teddy bear Ella created obtained funds via crowdsourcing. The bear itself looks a bit like a puppet. It has a mesh back, to enable it to be attached to essential hospital equipment such as an IV drip Pole.

Ella Casano and her family intend to create 500 of these bears to distribute them for free to hospitals. To have the hospital experience of sick children elevated somewhat is indeed a noble cause.

This is an excellent example where promotional items can be used to create a smile on people's faces. Cubic Promote, offers exclusive discounts to charities and not for profits. If you are considering a type of product for a project, please give us a call to see what we can do for you.


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