October is one of the best times of the year, it Halloween, NaNoWriMo (National  Novel Writing Month), and National Day On Writing! This is the perfect opportunity to break out those pens and books and get crackin'! If you want to encourage your team to start writing, have a look at our range of promotional pens and stationery, and get your Shakespeare on.

   Writing Promotional Typewriter

1. Lyon Custom Branded Pen

Stylish Sophisticated Promotional Pen

When working at a promotional company, you have access to a lot of stationery, and very quickly people find their favourite pens and books and hold onto these for dear life. This is the favoured pen of our wonderful boss Charles, and I can tell you now that is is a beauty. It is nice and heavy, and the ink is perfectly smooth, giving you precision at almost zero effort.  You can personalise this pen with your logo for a brilliant corporate gift.

2. Expo Handout Spin Pen

Kids Cool Custom Printed Pens

I often suffer from writer's block. The page is sitting blank and there is nothing that I can do to get the ideas flowing. Through years of unconsciously fiddling when stuck, I have found that I am a kinesthetic learner and that I learn best when I am physically doing something. The Expo Spin Pen has a ring in the middle of the pen so that if you need a bit of physical movement to get the brain ticking over, you can spin the pen and get the cogs turning. This pen is perfect for kids who need to keep focus when writing for long periods of time, and you can custom brand your logo right on the pen itself for a great end of school year gift.

3. Printed Notepad A5 Carnival

Custom Branded Promotional Book

Found on the desk of literally every staff member at Cubic Promote, the Carnival A5 Notepad is the perfect book. It's not too small that you are cramping your hand to get the notes down, and it's not too big that you are stuck with massive pages that you will never fill. From writing a journal, sketching, or even just keeping notes on the phone, the Carnival A5 notepad is the perfect promotional gift for anyone. That's right. Anyone.

4. Corporate ECO-STAPLER

Quirky Eco Friendly Promotional Stapler

This little beauty is a piece of engineering that makes you think "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!" A little plastic piece of goodness that can staple your paper to keep it nice and neat, without the use of staples. It crimps the paper in such a way that it will stay neatly stacked and together. Custom brand your Eco-staplers with your logo and give these out for a corporate gift to show your clients that you think outside the box.

Promote Your Brand For National Day On Writing

So enjoy this beautiful month, and write as much as you can. We need to tell more stories and share the beautiful things that make up human knowledge, and the easiest way to do that is to just start writing.


Source https://nationaltoday.com/national-day-on-writing/