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Promotional Keepcups & Reusable Cup Benefits

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Reusable coffee cups such as the popular brand "Keepcups," and generic reusable Coffee cups are fast becoming the most popular product in Australia right now. There are many benefits to having a cup that is reusable. The most important benefit of course, is the environmental benefits. Here are the top reasons and benefits on why reusable cups are so important.

reusable coffee cups

Why Use Re-usable Promotional Coffee Cups?

Use Keep Cups and Promotional re-usable cups, because conventional disposable cups are bad for the planet. Conventional disposable coffee cups are a danger to the environment. The popularity of coffee as a takeaway beverage only magnifies, the amount of damage a disposable cup can have on our environment.

- Conventional Paper Cups: Did you know that the paper used in your morning cup of coffee cannot be recycled? The material used to make the cups, require the cups to be glued as well as combined with a mix of different chemicals to make the cup waterproof, heatproof as well as having a little bit of insulation, so that it is not too hot to hold.

It has been reported, that a staggering 20 million trees are cut down globally each year, just to produce the paper for the cups.

- Styrofoam cups is a popular container for takeaway coffee. Although not as popular in Australia (I barely see any Styrofoam cups in Sydney anymore), they are still used in some places. Is it eco-friendly? Absolutely not. They don't bio-degrade easily in the environment, creating a lot of land-fill.

Is Reusable Cups the Solution?

Short answer is Yes, we are not going to drop our coffee drinking habits anytime soon. Using a reusable cup, enables less waste that goes into landfill. The important thing, of course is to actually use the cup on a daily basis.

Ideas To make Reusable Cups Part of your Routine

Changing habits is hard. Use these ideas, to integrate coffee cups as part of your regular routine.

1) Don't Store Your Reusable Cup in a cupboard. You will forget it. Have it in your bag, or on your desk. This enables you to remember to take it around for a refill at your local coffee shop.

2) Clean the cup as soon as you can, so you can simply rinse it. Don't wait for stains to build up, as it makes cleaning more difficult. If it is a chore to clean up, you will be less inclined to use the cup.

3) Consider which type of cup, fits into your lifestyle better. We have both plastic and glass options. Plastic cups are best for clumbsy people who drop things. Whilst glass cups are better because, they are easier to clean.


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