The humble mouse mat is a product we often take for granted. Whether we're working in the office or at home, mouse pads allow us to smoothly and safely utilise our computer mice without fuss. Although we're long past using computer mice with rubber balls inside them to get practical use from an optical or laser mouse, it's best to have a smooth, flat surface that is non-reflective; which is where promotional mouse pads come in!

promotional mouse mat social distance office

Customised Mouse Pads for Your Business

Mouse mats have been around for years and while many optical mice can work on most surfaces, homes and offices continue to utilise personalised mouse mats. Why do mousepads still make such an impact?

  • They provide a consistent surface: Computer mice need a steady, flat surface that doesn't reflect or catch the device. Mousepads give users this surface in an attractive package that is even more appealing once customised.
  • Mouse mats can be custom printed: People love it when their accessories make a statement, and mouse mats are no exception to this rule. A custom mousemat can be used to promote your business, provide essential phone numbers, and other useful or attractive things for staff and clients alike.
  • Mouse mats come in various sizes: Some individuals have more desk space than others, which is why mouse mats come in all sorts of sizes so you can match one to your recipient's requirements. And if the size or shape you're after isn't available, it can be custom made for you.
  • Lightweight and affordable: Sometimes, corporate gifts are heavy and/or expensive, making them difficult to use as giveaway items or too costly to use as corporate gifts. Mousepads are light, cheap, and printed in Australia -- you can't go wrong!

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Using Mouse Mats Anywhere You Need Them

Another great thing about custom mouse mats is that they're easy to grab and take with you when you want to move your workspace. Changing desks in the office? Just bring your mouse pad with you. Working from home tomorrow? Take your mouse mat home in your handbag or backpack. They really make excellent, budget-friendly gifts for those needing to work on the go.

If you'd like to utilise promotional mousemats in your next marketing campaign or simply as desktop accessories for your staff, contact the friendly team at Cubic Promote for information and pricing.