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Promotional Power Bank Safety

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Power bank batteries are one of the hottest consumer product at the moment right behind Smartphones and Tablets of course. As most people already know, virtually all new Phone and Tablet devices do not have a user replaceable battery. You simply do not have an option to carry another battery around, this is where a Power Bank External battery comes in.

What is A Power Bank External Battery

It is a battery with standard USB connectors which can charge high power drain Smart devices when you are not near a power point.

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When They become Dangerous

In the past month in Australia there have been 2 fatalities related to devices used to charge smartphones and tablets. I am sure there are many other injuries relating to Smart device chargers that go unreported and even more devices that simply do not work.  In the instance of the fatalities the faulty products conducted electricity through the device. These chargers did not pass the relevant Australian Government safety laws and were not certified.

External Battery Chargers become dangerous when low cost components is used in the circuit board, incorrect screen print of metal conductors and Grade B or below batteries are used. This leads to malfunction, device overheating or possibly high voltage transfer.

The Safety of Our Promotional External Batteries & Chargers

We go to a huge effort to ensure our external battery chargers are safe. They do not merely just pass the relevant safety regulations and certification, but we go one step further by ensuring every piece of component that goes into are produced with strict guidelines. Each component is individually tested and once the final product is made it is further tested once again. In detail they are:

- Grade A Battery Cells (Grade B and below are unstable re-used batteries)
- Premium Plastics and Coppers Used on Circuitry boards (lower grade ones will overheat and melt)
- 300 Re-charge cycle batteries
- Temperature Censor set at 60 degrees
- Amplitude Cut off Censor
- Pressure Cut off Censor
- Individual component testing at factory floor for all products
- Final component testing at factory for all completed chargers

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Don't Buy The Cheapest Possible Chargers

To cut costs is very easy as external battery chargers are encased in plastic and you will never know the internal components. More often than not though a cheap price denotes a charger that utilizes inferior dangerous internal components.

As we ensure that our custom printed batteries are safe, so that your brand name and your recipient are not harmed our product will never be the cheapest possible that you can purchase. But, If you were after a good value product which will provide your recipient with the maximum use cycle and with the maximum possible peace of mind for safety then we believe our product is the best option that you can consider.

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