Australians love a good concert or a festival which is why we have such a huge variety of music festivals across the country. People travel thousands of KMs just to see their favourite bands in action and to enjoy the local community spirit. If you're trying to market your festival or even simply your brand at a festival, you'll want to see some of our favourite products that are ideal for festival goers no matter where you are in Oz.

music festival promotional products

Branded Silicone Earplug Sets

branded silicone earplug sets

Concerts and festivals can get ridiculously loud, so it is important to keep earplugs handy if you want to protect your hearing. A great way to market your event or company at a music festival is, therefore, to brand on some Branded Silicone Earplug Sets. Not only will these items prove very useful to your recipients, but they will also use them immediately and get instant gratification from their functionality. It also helps that they come on a portable keyring loop, so they're easy to carry even at a large-scale event.

Logo Printed Bagged Ponchos

logo branded poncho for festivals

Is it just me or does the weather always seem to take a turn just when you want to go outside and have a good time? For this reason it is important to have items like custom ponchos on hand to protect festival-goers from wet weather. Our Logo Printed Bagged Ponchos make excellent giveaway or gift items for not just outdoor music festivals, but any outdoor expos or sports events too. We decorate each bag with your logo design and you hand the ponchos out to your attendees to save them from any nasty wet weather. Cost effective and very handy!

Promotional Bottled Water

promotional bottled water for music festivals

It is important to stay hydrated if you're enjoying a music festival, particularly in the hot Aussie sun. That's why one of our most popular promotional products for concert and festival clients is our Promotional Bottled Water. Each bottle comes wrapped with a full-colour label featuring your design which makes it a great way to get your brand noticed while helping attendees stay healthy and hydrated. Best of all, Cubic Promote sells water bottled in Australia from local sources so you know you're getting safe, reliable water with your name on it.


Still struggling to come up with ideas for your festival? Don't worry, our professional sales team can assist with product suggestions and free virtual mockups. Contact the team here to get some help planning your next batch of marketingt merchandise for your event.