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We Have Promotional Skittles

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We have promotional Skittles, ie. Skittle lollies that are packed into custom branded bags as well as other types of speciality packaging. Perfect for expos and events. We all know and love Skittles, but do you know about the history of the humble (and yummy) Skittle? If not read on.

skittles custom branded

Origins of Skittles

You may think Skittles was an American invention. However, they were first produced in large batches by an English company. In 1979 (the year of my birth), the Americans got their first taste of Skittles, they were considered as an imported type of lolly. Their popularity meant that by 1982, they were made in bulk production domestically in the USA.

Tasting of Rainbows

This iconic term for Skittles was created by New York advertisement agency D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles (i am assuming that is the surname of each of the owners).

Variations of Skittles

Although there are many variations of skittles, we sadly only have the original versions, that are available for purchase with the custom branding of your graphics on the wrappers. So what are the flavours in the original skittles (the ones that we all know and love)

1) Purple Skittle = Grape
2) Yellow = Lemon
3) Green = Lime
4) Orange = Orange (of course)
5) Red = Strawberry
6) Blue? = Apparently available in the UK, it is the Cherry Cola version

I have seen and heard some really beautiful flavours including:
- Tropical flavours
- Wild Berry
- Tart n Tangy
- Crazy Cores
- Skittles Confused (this is cool because the colours do not match the flavours)
- Sour
- Crazy sours
- Smooth mix
- Ice Cream Treats
- Carnival
- Skittles unlimited
- Double Sour
- Extreme Fruit Gum
- Mint
- Extra Chewy
- Chocolate
- Chocolate mix
- Liquorice
and at least 20 more other crazy flavours.

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