As the old saying (and Peter Allen song) goes, "everything old is new again". This is certainly the case with Kodak's latest logo and branding revision, which takes a page out of the Kodak book from the 1970s to present something at once both modern and old school.

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Unique Marketing Design

Having been established in 1888, Kodak as a company has a lot of history to draw on. They've also had plenty of innovative promotional ideas in the past. Although the brand is now easily recongised by their bold red and yellow branding colours, back at the turn of the last century their logo looked considerably different.

The 1907 one is a bit confusing by today's standards, I think! The early Kodak design was revamped in 1935 to give us the Kodak colours and basic design we're all familiar with today. After briefly flirting with a more simplistic red-only logo in 2006, Kodak is back in 2016 to a logo very similar to their 1971-1987 designs.

old vs new kodak logos

Drawing on the recent trend to revamp branding without losing a sense of history, the latest Kodak logo is very similar in style to the 1987 look (that I think we all remember from the 80s and early 90s). A different font has been used in this new design, but also the brand name reads vertically rather than horizontally. With this redesign Kodak has breathed some fresh life into one of their more popular logo designs over the years. it will be interesting to see how long this look lasts!

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