July the 19th is global McDelivery Day, a date the McDonald's franchise is celebrating internationally through a team up with delivery services such as UberEats to help promote the convenience of grabbing your Maccas through a delivery app. The best way to celebrate? By giving away prizes to awesome people who use a delivery service, of course! But the promotional products being given away are of particular note because they're all in a great 90's retro style that fans of fashion and food will undoubtedly adore.

mcdonalds 90s merchandise

90's Style Marketing Merchandise to Promote Maccas

This extremely limited marketing campaign will only run on July the 19th through select McDonald's stores (both nationally and internationally) meaning there's already serious demand for these unique promotional products. Styled to mimic the popular looks of clothing and accessories in the 1990's, these items are undoubtedly going to make waves.

promotional gripper maccas promotional pins maccas

The accessories for this campaign hit on extremely trendy products and looks that recipients will no doubt love. These include promotional bandanas with a repetitive McDonald's design, a phone gripper with a classic Big Mac printed on it, and sets of promotional fashion pins featuring all manner of Maccas foods (including burgers, sundaes, and nuggets). All boast the bright, loud look most people who lived through the 90's will recognise immediately!

promotuional socks maccas promotional tshirts maccas

Clothing-wise, McDonald's knows exactly what consumers love with some great-looking custom socks (both woven and full-colour printed) that anyone would be happy to wear to work or while just lounging around the house waiting for their food delivery. The t-shirts for this campaign say "Classic" and definitely embrace the simple look of classic 90's tees with two colour branding on black/white shirts. Even if you're not keen on the food, you might just be tempted to order so you can get your hands on these fashionable tees!

If you're keen to launch your own marketing merchandise campaign, why not take a leaf from the Maccas book and keep these three important points in mind;

  • Limited availability can manufacture demand, don't be afraid to only hand out items for a short period of time or to select consumers.
  • On a budget? Don't worry; less can be more when it comes to design. Stick with basic colour schemes and your recipients will wear your clothing and accessories in more situations than if you'd opted for a more complex colour combination or branding design.
  • You don't need any strange new products to get people interested. Classics like t-shirts, pins, and socks are consistently popular with consumers for a reason.

Details first spotted here: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/restaurants-bars/mcdonalds-has-produced-some-limited-edition-merch-for-fans-of-90s-fashion/news-story/d1d3bfa0bc4a323b4e2ace9f8f70d0e0