While lockdown won't be ending in the next few weeks for Sydney and Melbourne, Australia as a whole is working towards being able to open up once vaccination levels reach an acceptable point. For those of us who have been working from home, the transition back to the office will undoubtedly be a bit tough, no matter when it happens. You can minimise the difficulty of this transition by ensuring your staff and clients have every promotional item they need ready and waiting for them when they return by getting in touch with Cubic Promote.

cubic office essentials

Why Be Prepared?

When everyone needs to be mindful of social distancing and mask etiquette on top of all their everyday tasks, it doesn't take much for staff to start getting stressed out. After all, many of us have been working from home for an extended period and there will always be a degree of adjustment needed when the team goes back to the office. By being prepared and having everyday office essentials such as branded pens and logo notebooks waiting for your team, you'll have fewer things to worry about when the full-time move back to the office occurs.

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What Promotional Products Do You Need?

The items your team will vary depending on what you organisation does, but generally speaking these office essentials are the kinds of products that most Australian businesses can't do without!

These products are popular choices for offices, but if you run a retail business like a restaurant you might be more interested in custom staff aprons or custom lip balms if you've got workers slogging away outside. Different industries have different needs, but no matter what you do the Cubic Promote customer care team has promotional products that will suit your needs. Give our friendly staff a call today to discuss which items you need before your team returns to work full time!