Moleskine is the iconic brand from way way back to the time of artists such as Van Gogh and writers like Ernest Hemmingway. It was the original handmade notebook that histories greatest writers and artists who have shaped modern culture turned to when they needed to write and draw.

moleskine simpsons

Today though, another one of modern day icons can be seen in the form of the Simpsons and also Starwars. So to celebrate what does Moleskine do? Well it goes and makes a diary of course! Recently released are the Simpsons and Star Wars themed diaries from Moleskine. These notebooks are 192 pages thick and contain graphics and images throughout the diary. As a bonus they even come with hard to find special edition stickers. In Australia only the Star Wars and Simpsons themed one has been released. Overseas they even have Mickey Mouse, The Hobbit and even a Lego edition.

moleskine star wars

We carry this range now of course where we can have them further personalized with your corporate logos and graphics. They will not last for long though as they are extremely popular. So ask us for more information about getting Moleskine notebooks for your organisation today!