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Stranger Things Personalised Merchandise

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May you have been lucky  enough to watch the Season 2, T.V show called Stranger Things? The show is amazing, and in a short amount of time this show has amassed a huge amount of fans. With all things popular, it did not take too long for a range of custom merchandise to be created for fans. Here are some of the most interesting and bizarre Stranger Things custom branded merchandise that I have come across lately.

Where is Barb 2017

Promotional Products by Stranger Things

Some of these products below are officially licensed products by the T.V shows. Some others though are so bizarre, that I wonder if they got the legal "all clear" to produce. Nonetheless though, these products are awesome. Which one is your favourite?

#1: Where's Barb? This is a hilarious picture book, that borrows from the Where's Wally theme to ask the question on everyone's mind. Where is Barb?

where is Barb

#2: Stranger Things Tomato Sauce (limited edition). Check out the photo. It says it all!

Tomato sauce packaging

All popular events, themes and shows, deserve their own promotional tee shirt. I think this is one of the best.

upside down Tees

An Embroidery Patch just for decoration. Only those who have seen the show would understand this one:

embroidery set 2017

What do you think? Have you seen other themed merchandise that is even cooler than the ones shown here? If so, please share with us on social media.

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