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Temporary Tattoos for a National Day

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What day is the 17th of July? (other than it being a Wednesday?). That day happens to be the national tattoo day. On that day, it is the perfect day to celebrate the art that is known as the Tattoo. Tattoos need not be permanent though. You can still celebrate the day with a temporary tattoo.

promotional tattoos july 2019

Tattoos for Everyone

Having a tattoo is a bold decision. Once a tattoo is done on skin, it is more or less permanent. (although procedures do exist to remove them). One of the most popular outdoor promotional products we stock at Cubic Promote is temporary tattoos (our promotional temporary tattoos come from America). These temporary tattoos require only water, a few minutes of patience, and a towel to use. Both kids and adults love these fun items. On national days, consider having the Australian flag tattooed onto your face or skin.

If you may be having an event or a function, we can create temporary tattoos in any colour or shape you desire. Every Aussie loves a temporary tattoo. It is one of those products that will add life to any event.

Tattoo Trivia

Did you know that tattoos, did not originate from the 70'sor '80s? All sorts of cultures and tribes have traditionally used tattoos. The earliest know tattoos date as far back as 3000 years ago. Ancient Egyptian mummies have been identified as having tattoos on their body.

What To Do on a Tattoo Day?

So what happens on a national day devoted to tattoos? Well, the day is mainly celebrated in America, but I am sure it is just as popular here in Australia.

To celebrate the day, get a tattoo (or a temporary tattoo) and share it on social media.

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