Right now governments, businesses, and community groups have a lot of vital messages to impart to the Australian people. Whether the notices are about safe social distancing, hand washing techniques, or important health/emergency contact details, it is essential that they reach their intended audiences. The best way to get them seen by your target demographic is through promotional products featuring your potentially life-saving details.

promotional products for health safety messages

What Kinds of Branded Merchandise Work?

Depending on your audience and the message you wish to get out into the community, you will want different merchandise. For example, if you want a product with safe social distancing rules on it that can be read by visitors to a supermarket or chemist, you might opt for promotional t-shirts that your staff wear so people know not to get too close during their transaction. If you're a local council or MP wanting your constituents to wash their hands properly then custom branded magnets that can be sent to mailboxes featuring hand washing techniques are your best bet. Think about the recipient of your message and how you want them to receive it.

message on promotional sanitiser

Best-Selling Product Ideas

Are you still struggling to pick the right product for your campaign? Why not opt for one of these best-selling options that other organisations are utilising from Cubic Promote.

If none of these products seems right for you then give our friendly sales team a call for tailored recommendations to meet your needs. We have thousands of locally stocked and branded products right here in Australia that can help you get your slogans and instructions noticed.