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Use Promotional Sunscreen While You Fly

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We all know that when we're in the great outdoors, even if it's only for a brief time, we need to put on our sunscreen. Given the climate here in Australia we're all fairly used to protecting our skin when we head outside, but have you ever considered using sunscreen inside? While you likely don't need it in your office, there's one place it could be essential; your next flight.

promotional suncreen for travel

Protect Your Skin With Personalised Sunscreen in Flight

On a heavily air-conditioned plane ride, it can be enjoyable to feel some warm rays from the sun on your face, but this can be very risky for your skin. It turns out that those cute little windows on the plane block harmful UVB rays but don't prevent UVA rays from coming through. This means if you're not wearing promotional sunscreen on your skin while flying, you could be exposing your skin to these UVB rays which can damage and age cells.

applying promotional sunscreen plane window

Worse still, the sun's rays are more harmful to us the closer we are to them - and when we're flying we come about as close to the sun as is humanly possible! So to minimise the risk to your skin, what can you do?

Sunscreen While Travelling

  • Apply sunscreen before you board your flight. Apply it generously over any exposed skin.
  • Be sure to pack your small travel sunscreen with you on board for longer flights, as you will need to reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours.

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