The past 12 months have been difficult times for most Australian businesses with the COVID-19 forcing all of us to adapt our lifestyles. Now that we're slowly moving forward it is time to reach out to the valued customers and staff that have helped you over the past year. With Easter around the corner now is the perfect time to send a seasonally appropriate message to your recipients via promotional chocolates from Cubic Promote.

lindt bulk easter egg

Australians Love Personalised Chocolate!

Aussies love chocolate and over 11 million of us consume chocolate regularly (according to 2019 research from Roy Morgan). Because chocolate is tasty and packaged in bite-sized snack options it is one of the most popular consumables we sell to Australian businesses, particularly those hoping to make an impact on people visiting their offices or getting in touch with lapsed contacts. Easter, being a Christian holiday period that features chocolate prominently, is the perfect time for Aussie organisations to reach out using custom branded chocolate bars, tasty personalised choc bunnies, and lots more!

promotional chocolate bar

Different Chocolates for Unique Campaigns

However, just because you are launching a campaign around the Easter period it doesn't mean that you have to be tied to Easter-themed promotional treats (such as eggs or bunnies). Cubic Promote stocks a wide range of chocolate to suit almost any corporate or community marketing need including:

Of course if you'd like to stick with tradition, you can see some of our branded Easter egg top picks here. If you're not sure what kind of choccies you'd like to use in your March or April marketing campaign then be sure to speak with the Cubic Promote team. Our team can detail the product ingredients, prices, and decoration options for anyone keen on obtaining affordable bulk-branded chocolates in 2021.