Promotional tote bags are not new additions to the realm of marketing merchandise by any means, but they're a type of custom product that never seems to go out of fashion. If anything, the humble calico or canvas tote seems to be having a resurgence in recent years. But why are tote bags so successful as promotional products? Today we're going to break it down.

promotional vogue tote bag

Promotional Shopping Bags are Useful

Sometimes it's easy to forget when you get swept up in the cool look of new promo products that at the end of the day you want to be providing recipients with items that make their lives easier. Custom branded tote bags do just this -- they are lightweight and easy to keep on-hand should you require them while shopping, but also functional as everyday-use bags for a day on the town. With consumers steering away from disposable products and keen to invest in reusables, the promotional tote is a no-brainer when it comes to combining form and functionality.

new york times custom totes architects magazine logo branded bag

Custom Bags Allow for Massive Branding Space

Shoulder or tote bags are the most popular bag styles we sell, and much of this owes to the fact that they have a huge flat surface ideal for branding on. While smaller bags covered in clips and zippers might only have limited decoration areas, canvas shopping bags and non-woven totes offer massive advertising space so not only does your recipient get a great view of your logo, but passers-by will see your design as well. Which brings us to my next point...

new yorker totes popular vice mag bag with logo

Personalised Calico Bags As Status Symbols

Increasingly bags made from natural material with branding from established media organisations, fashion chains, and community groups are being considered modern status symbols. This trend seems to have been kicked off by the limited nature of New Yorker magazine tote bags, which could only be obtained with a subscription. Because people found the bag (and the fact it was advertising a popular magazine for smart urbanites) so appealing, the subscription rate soared, and there was even a waiting list for subscribers to get bags from the next batch being produced! Other media outlets have started making their own custom bags and met with similar success.

People want to advertise brands they believe in and will actively pay to do so if you produce a simple, effective product that fits with their lifestyle. Right now, you cannot go past promotional shopper bags as the ultimate product for getting your message across in this manner. Speak to our sales team to organise some free samples and virtual mockups so you can produce a custom bag that your recipients will love using.


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