Allow me to get straight to the point. Cubic Promote sells masks because we have an established supply chain going back 15 years, with manufacturers and clients like yourself. In our industry, the promotional product industry, where we source products that are made in Australia, Pakistan, America, Parts of Europe and of course, China is second nature to our entire Promotional Item Industry.

why we sell face masks

Cubic Promote and Supplying Quality Face Masks

Our industry under the group body, called APPA (Australian Promotional Products Association), has suffered incredibly under the restrictions placed by the Corona Virus. Our industry, on average, has suffered revenue drops of 50-75%, supplying masks, is a means to protect the Australian jobs who work within this industry. Having a supply chain in place over the decades means that masks supplied by Cubic Promote:

  • Fit for the purpose
  • Meet requirements
  • Quality checked
  • Authentic, original and not tampered with

Ourselves and our industry, also lend our resources daily to ensure our hospitals, and critical organisations in Australia have access to masks, hand sanitisers and other products that were not traditionally associated with our industry. We are also against price gouging and will always supply masks at the lowest possible price to consumers, while still ensuring they are the high-quality products you expect.

Trust Cubic Promote, and our industry for your supply of masks, to be genuine and authentic.