No matter what your industry, it has been a tough couple of weeks in Australia with things bound to get tougher in the months ahead. Owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies that can do so are asking their employees to work from home. This is a great idea to help flatten the curve, but working from home can be a tough adjustment. That's why Cubic Promote has started to put together promotional work from home gift packs to help make your staff feel appreciated during these difficult days of isolation.

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Why Working From Home Gifts Are Important

Australia has seen a sudden shift over the past couple of weeks as office staff have begun handling their work from home. If you're one of these organisations, it is important to consider how difficult such a transition can be when people are used to social and supportive office environments. Sure, we can all communicate via Slack and Zoom these days, but when your staff also can't leave the house they're likely going to struggle a bit to adjust to this brave new world. Providing custom gift packs to your staff is a great idea to ease your employees' into working from home because it helps them feel appreciated while also providing them with useful items to use at home.

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What Kind of Packs Do We Offer?

Here at Cubic Promote, we have a variety of staff packs organised to suit Aussies working from home. These include;

We are also in the processing of organising delicious snack gift packs, medical/wellbeing gift packs, and custom gift sets for kids. Our goal is to help fellow Aussies businesses stay connected with their teams during this difficult time through functional, thoughtful gift packs featuring custom messages and decoration.

Talk to the Cubic Promote team today and let us know which packs interest you, if you have a request for a unique pack we can make up for you, or if you have any questions regarding how we can help you select the right gift set for your employees.