Promotional Coin Banks Buying Guide

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Grabbing a huge market share takes hard work and smart thinking. As a business, you know it is important for consumers to recognise your services and products since this memory recall can easily translate to a sale. This is perhaps the reason why almost all businesses are investing in promotional products, which are considered to be the fastest way to a consumer’s heart.

promotional coin banks

Personalised merchandise can easily establish a connection with a customer as they send your message across without the fuss and high cost of a print ad or commercial. Of course, it always boils down to the promotional product to be given away. If your message is to save or be smart financially, you will do well with promotional coin banks.

Why Promotional Coin Banks

As their name implies, coin banks are items that are used to store all your coins. They have been around for many years and have always been associated with finances. Businesses involved in savings, retirement, and anything to do with money will benefit from handing out promotional coin banks.

Coin banks are also quite personal. They can even imply stability and trustworthiness, qualities that customers will find irresistible. Of course, you can expect coin banks to be used for many years which means longer brand exposure for your business.

Kinds of Printed Coin Banks

  • Shape – you will find a wide variety of shapes to choose from including houses, cars, money bags, balls, and the most popular, pigs. They also come in different sizes.

  • Material – there are coin banks made with plastic which can be durable and shatter-resistant. On the other hand, there are the more traditional ceramic coin banks, which are elegant but are at risk of betting shattered. Some coin banks are made with recycled material and are more eco-friendly.

  • Colour – some coin banks are clear coloured, allowing you to see the coins. Most come in bright colours such as yellow, lime green, and pink. It would be a good idea to choose your company colours.

Coin banks come with a release hatch when they are brimming with coins for easy removal.

Some Reminders

Since most printed coin banks never get thrown away, you need to make sure your company logo or artwork will stand the test of time. Choose a print process which you know will be much more permanent. Also, maximise the print areas so you can enjoy optimum brand exposure.

Who Uses Promotional Piggy Banks?

Once a childhood favorite, promotional coin banks have now found a fascinating niche in the adult realm. Entrepreneurs, collectors, and philanthropists alike embrace these delightful money-savers, turning them into marketing marvels. The quirky charm of customised coin banks transcends age, making them a nostalgic keepsake or a chic decorative piece for the modern home. Even eco-conscious individuals relish repurposing these banks, giving new life to retired piggy banks as all manner of unique things (vases and storage containers in particular). Promotional coin banks are the ultimate fusion of form and function, captivating hearts while boosting brand visibility in a refreshingly inventive way.

When to Hand Out Printed Coin Banks

Custom coin banks will be perfect as gifts during a product launch. You might also consider giving them away during the holidays when children receive money as gifts, encouraging and reminding them to save. You can even go all out and distribute them in schools, parks and areas which children 9and their parents) frequent.   

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Jasmine Liu

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