Creating Awareness through Branded Compendiums

A great way to enhance the perception of prestige with your company is through promotional compendiums for your team members. (a bit of trivia, Americans call promotoinal products, Swags)  A compendium is widely used as a marketing tool for all types of businesses and function pretty much as a calling card would. Branded compendiums or personal organisers or diaries are a popular choice for customised merchandising items. They are practical, useful and handy and they can be a very good medium for showcasing your brand or your company.

Custom-printed business compendiums can be made from different materials such as PVC, microfiber or even leather. They can have various functions like a personal date book, a diary, an address book, and you can even add a pen and a small calculator on the jacket to make it more utilitarian. You can style and differentiate your branded compendium according to your target audience or the people you will be giving the item to. You can even include not just your company logo but a tag line or a short slogan promoting your brand.

The Best Times for Giveaways

Companies can give out personalised compendiums on various occasions and to various groups of people. Here are some of the most opportune times to give out personal compendiums that will make a strong impression on the recipients resulting to good brand recall:

  • Product launches
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Christmas
  • Company openings

Buying Options

You have a lot of choices in terms of finishing and the included accessories. There are zippered compendiums ideal for holding pens, calculators or mobile phones. These are so practical and functional that they can double as a bag. Other options include just writing pads, ring binders, A4-sized compendiums, and compendiums with retractable handles that has the look of a briefcase.

When it comes to the material, you have the option of leather, synthetic leather, calf skin or micro fibre. You can order them in different materials to match the position or circumstance of the people you will be giving it to. The imitation leather is quite popular as it uses a mix of fabric and PVC plastics to come up with a finish that is almost identical to the real thing.

Branding Approaches

Of course, you want your logo to stay on the compendium for as long as it is being used by the recipient. You have the option of using pad printing, embossing or full colour plastisol transfer in placing your logo on your compendium giveaway.

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