Diary & Organiser Promotional Items

Be original in your promotional items with a diary and organiser set. A diary is still used with steady regularity up to this day. There are plenty of ideas to keep the design fresh and up to date. Plus a diary or an organiser wears you logo pretty well. Apart from the cover, there are many of other spots to print your logo. Since they are used widely in meetings, conferences and other business events, you can be sure that your logo will be exposed prominently to many people.

Ideal Time to Give Out Diaries

Obviously the most opportune time to give out your personalised diaries and organisers is during the Christmas holiday. But there is absolutely no reason why you cannot give them out at any time of the year, especially if you commission a design that is generic with no dates on the days and includes a 5-year calendar for instance. A well designed branded diary will be appreciated by your staff, your clients, and your customers.

Possible Designs

If you are unsure as to the design and material of your custom-branded diary, you can certainly shop around online for ideas. There are a number of online companies in the business of manufacturing promotional items. Their web sites will have images and descriptions of the promo items they make.

Diaries are a pretty popular choice for a promo giveaway so you will definitely find a handful of them to choose from. Sizes may vary from the A4 sizes that resemble a big manila envelope to those little diaries that can conveniently fit into pockets or handbags. When you look at different diary styles and designs, try to envision how your logo will appear on the cover and which colour will suit your business well.

There are a number of materials for the sleeve or cover of personalised diaries and organizers. Among the most popular covering is leatherette, but you may also opt for cloth or silk covering. You also have a variety of choices for the type of paper used for the pages. When picking a material for your diary, you need to consider the recipients. If you are planning to give it to top level management, then you may want to go for the most elegant and expensive looking one you can find. If your recipients are rank and file employees then you can probably go with a slim datebook with fancy colours. Whatever you decide, you have to ensure that your logo is printed accurately and that it is easily recognisable.

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