Promotional Eco-Friendly Product Buying Guide

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Choosing to go green would perhaps be the most sensible decision any company can make. In an age where people do a lot of things that can be potentially harmful to the environment, items that aim to lessen or eliminate negative environmental impact is viewed as noble and hip. If you opt for personalised environmental promotional products, you not only promote your brand but enhance your corporate image by highlighting your company’s social responsibility. Going green may seem like an expensive endeavour now but its effects are lasting and far reaching.

Eco-Friendly Paper, Straw and Cup

Helping Preserve the Environment

When you order customised promotional eco-friendly products you are already doing something for the environment. In giving them away to your customers, clients, employees and others, you will be able do more by encouraging them to do their part in environmental protection. Plus of course you will be effectively promoting your brand. Environmental promo items are some of the coolest things to hit the market and you can be sure they will be greatly appreciated if you give them away.

Green marketing products are created using sustainable resources or with the use of recycled materials. These items are created through carbon neutral techniques that are not damaging or disruptive to the environment. You can definitely consider this initiative as part of your contribution to conservation and environmental protection.

Get Your Sustainable Promotion Noticed

You want to be able to present authentic environmentally sound custom-printed promo giveaways so it is important that your item possess certain characteristics that make it so. The criteria for environmentally friendly branded items are:

  • The product is produced with a technique or process which is sustainable or leaves a low carbon footprint
  • The product has a recycled component that is not less than 40 percent
  • The item is bio-degradable

Ideas for Environmental Promo Items

There certainly is a wide variety of environmental promo items that you can choose from. Keep in mind though that because of their very nature, these products will most likely have a rustic colour. You can launch an all out environmental protection campaign with your giveaways especially if your company is seriously working towards a greener operation.

Some of the items you can use for your promo include printed hessian shopper bags, which you can use in place of plastic grocery bags, pencils and ball pens with paper casings, recycled plastic rulers, note pads and note books. Apart from writing materials, you can also go for other custom-branded items such as eco-friendly mouse mats, water-saving shower timers, key chains, and many more.

Creating a campaign to promote your product and also your position when it comes to protecting the environment not only makes good business sense. More importantly, you are joining the growing number of companies and individuals who are taking positive steps towards fighting environmental degradation. Your market and clients will certainly remember you in a good light and may even be inspired themselves. You will also give them a sense of pride in being able to use products that are friendly to the environment.

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