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Promotional key chain flashlights are definitely a cool concept for a personalised corporate gift item. People want nothing more than items that are handy, practical, and useful. Flashlights are safety equipment as well so you can boost your company’s reputation with them. Stand out in your next business conference with customised key chain flashlights and attract attention to your company or brand through a well placed logo on these items.

Ensuring the Items Work

A common problem with electrical or battery operated with printed promo items is that some of them do not work. You don’t want these defective items to reach your intended recipients. It would be wise to test each and every item first before sending them out. The defective items can be returned for replacement to the manufacturer later on. It would also be wise to order a little extra to have allowance should there indeed be defective items.

Customised Specifications

The good thing about custom-printed key chain flashlights is that they are very flexible for whatever customisation you may prefer. You also have various options for the specifications of these branded items.

Power source – the flashlights in these branded items may be through triple A batteries, button batteries, and they can be solar-powered too

Accessories – why stop at key chain and flashlight functions when you can add other functions including a bottle opener, a whistle, a measuring tape, and more

Colours – these items can come in every colour you can think of, you can also opt for just one colour or go for the more catchy multi-colour key chain flashlights. Even the light emitted by these items can come in blue, red or white light

Shapes – the cool thing about small custom-branded promotional items is that they are easy to mould into whatever shape you want. If you want your keychain flashlight to be a scale model of your product then that is what you will get

Why People Like This Promo Item

Your intended recipients will never forget your brand and they will even spread the word about your company to others if you give them keychain torches. These items combine the functionality of key-rings with the novelty and fun of having a mini torch. This item also has a safety component as it can illuminate dark places and prevent accidents during blackouts.

Low Cost and High Impact

Advertising costs can run your company up the wall and that is why you should consider making a small but sensible investment in promo items. These freebies are well appreciated by recipients and if you choose an item that has high functionality, you can be sure that your logo will be highly visible and will travel far. A great thing about promo items like keychain flashlights is that they can generate much attention anytime you give them away. They are ideal as gifts during the holidays. They are also appropriate at business conventions and trade shows. You can hand them out during special corporate events like product launches, anniversaries or other events.

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