Printed Lanyards Buying Guide

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Perhaps the most eye-catching way of promoting your brand or logo is through promotional lanyards. Lanyards are one of the most popular promotional items there and you cannot go wrong with them. Personalised lanyards enjoy high visibility as they are worn around the neck. This means that your brand or logo will always catch the eye of the people that the wearer comes across.

While customised lanyards may be a bright idea for your next corporate giveaway, some careful planning is needed to ensure that the impact of these items is maximised to the hilt. You have to be able to convey your company in an eye-catching but professional manner that will be well remembered by your customers, clients, and your own employees.

What Type of Lanyard Do You Want?

Before deciding to buy custom-printed lanyards you should first determine the different types based on their material. This will give you an idea of which type of custom-printed lanyard to purchase.

  • Basic bootlace lanyards – the simplest most basic type of lanyard ideal for distribution to customers at trade shows or conferences
  • Ribbed lanyards – one of the most popular types of branded lanyards as it is affordable and has a wider band for more prominent product placement
  • Nylon or Satin lanyards – have a smooth texture that provides a classiness
  • PVC lanyards – semi-transparent and ultra-durable, these can last for a long time
  • Woven lanyards – your logo can be woven onto a ribbon band for a more upscale or formal look
  • Polyester lanyards – ideal for full colour sublimation so you can have your logo printed on either side of the band

Uses for Lanyards

There are a variety of ways to use lanyards in the workplace or outside. Getting a clearer idea of how you want your lanyards used will make it easier to settle on a particular design and type.

  • Identification card holder – companies nowadays distribute custom-printed lanyards to all employees so that they would not lose their IDs. Some companies even require that employees use the company-provided lanyards at all times within company premises.
  • Water bottle holder – this item is often seen in sporting events where people need to hydrate constantly
  • Cellular phone holder – this is a way to ensure that people do not misplace their handheld phones
  • Conference wallet and badge holder – lanyards can hold conference items such as name tags, food stubs, and the likes.

Other Considerations

If you plan to use custom-printed lanyards as promo giveaways, you want to first decide where you plan to use them:

  • Is there a trade show your company will be participating in?
  • Maybe you have a product to launch?
  • What type of budget will you earmark for these promo items? This will determine the specifications and volume of the lanyards you will purchase.
  • Who are your target recipients? This will also be significant to the type of lanyard you will use. If you are hosting or supporting a sporting event then you may want to go with a less formal type of lanyard.

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