Picking Printed Mouse Mats

Here is another bright idea for your corporate promotional item: printed mouse mats. Mouse mats or mouse pads as they are also known are popular both in the office and the home. These personalised items can be made of tough and durable materials that will ensure a long lifespan. Plus mouse mats offer a great printing space for your brand or logo.

Who Uses Them?

Practically anyone who has a desk-top or even a laptop computer and who uses a mouse need a mouse mat to ensure precision pointing and to protect the surface of the table from scratches. Personal computers have become a staple in offices and homes so it would be a good idea to promote your product through customised mouse mats. Your brand will definitely be remembered through this printed item.

Tips on Selecting the Right Mouse Mat

With so many companies giving out printed mouse mats or mouse pads, you can differentiate your mouse pad by buying the best quality. Custom-printed mouse pads can be made from different materials including card board, plastic or rubber. Most of them will have a wrist protector that is made of either foam or gel. Picking the best quality of material for your mouse pad will ensure a longer exposure for your brand or logo.

Mouse Mat Design

Many companies opt to use branded mouse pads as corporate giveaway because it is design driven. The area for printing logos and other designs is large giving companies the opportunity to be creative. A tastefully designed custom-branded mouse pad will surely find a spot in people’s computer system. If you decide to use mouse pads as corporate gifts, you should make sure that your design, particularly your logo is given an accurate rendering so that they are transferred to the mouse pad neatly and accurately. The mouse pad’s huge print area may be too big for just your company logo so you may want to come up with a design for the rest of the space.

Finding Your Supplier

If you plan on coming up with an elaborate mouse design, you have to find an expert promo items maker. If you haven’t got one yet you can turn to the Internet for leads on some of the best promo items maker in the market. Online suppliers would typically have a virtual showroom where you can view images of the items they make. You will also find detailed description of these items to help you make a decision on which item to go for.

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