Buying Guide On Non-Woven Bags

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Companies today need to come up with bright ideas for their merchandising give-aways. These items not only promote a company’s brand, they are also a symbol of a company’s goodwill and the desire to give something back to their consumers and the community at large. There are several ideas and options for a corporate give-away. One of the more popular one is non woven bags. These bags are a favourite of companies in different fields. Non woven bags are light weight and sturdy and they can come in many different sizes, colours, and dimensions depending on a company’s preference.

Which Non-Woven Bag to Buy

The Christmas Basket

Companies give out Christmas baskets filled with goodies to their employees during the holiday. This year you can use custom-branded non woven bags to hold these goodies. These personalised bags can be dyed into lively Christmas colours and they can come in different sizes and shapes. You will also have more than enough space for your printed logo and even add a short holiday message.

The Conference Carry-All

Spice up your sales conference by handing out your documents and reports in classy custom-printed non woven conference bags. You logo will be prominently printed on the bag and you can add zippers, pockets, paper and pen compartments into the bag. Conference attendees will appreciate this branded carry-alls and will find various uses for it long after the conference is through.

Beach Bags

If your company is in the business of manufacturing beach items like sunglasses, sun-block, towels, swimming apparel, then a non woven beach bag is an ideal give away for product launches or promotional campaigns. Companies can give out these bags with the item purchased. They can also organize a big promotional beach event and hand out these bags.

Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags

Non woven bags are quite popular these days as people are slowly becoming involved in environmental protection advocacies. Show your company’s care for the environment and highlight your social responsibility with customised bags. The bags are perfect as grocery bags so that people can do away with plastics and other non-biodegradable bags. You can also tie this marketing push up with a green campaign to strike a chord with environmentally conscious consumers.

Whatever your business may be, a good promotional item can help boost sales or at least create awareness for your products. You need to come up with something catchy and inspiring and there is no better way to do it than with a non woven bag.

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