Promotional Plastic Key Rings Buying Guide

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Who does not need a key ring? If you are planning to come up with impactful promotional products then you should never pass up promotional plastic key rings. These personalised item is perhaps one of the most affordable you can find so it is ideal if you are on a tight budget but would still like to stir up some advertising and promotion for your product or brand. You can order them in large quantities and give them out in all your corporate affairs and events.

Promotional plastic key rings are highly sensible items to purchase for marketing campaigns operating within a budget. They also provide a great printing area for your logo. You can definitely make a statement with these printed items and generate much interest for your product. They do not need to be just key chains as there are several ways to jazz them up and add some cool functions which will make them more desirable to your customers, clients and prospective clients.

Green and Red Combi Plastic Key Rings

Steps in Buying Plastic Key Rings

  1. The first thing you need to think about is your custom-printed item’s design, which would include the size, dimensions, colour and added features
  2. You need to prepare the artwork for your logo which would be used for printing on the key rings
  3. Consider the quantity of your order, these items become even more affordable as you increase the number of units you will order
  4. Set a timetable for launching your branded giveaways. If you are planning to hand them out during a conference or trade show make allowance for the ordering and delivery time
  5. Inspect the finished product for damages or defects. If you are ordering a large quantity of plastic key rings, chances are you will find some units that are damaged or has defects. You should order a few extra units to replace these defective items

Promotional Plastic Key Ring Features

Small items are ideal as corporate gifts because they are flexible enough to be customised to suit the preferences or requirements of your company. Your custom-branded plastic key rings can come in whatever colour you wish, even your very own corporate colours to enhance people’s remembrance of your company. The shape of your plastic key rings can also be anything you wish. You can even have your items in the same shape as your product. You can add functions to your plastic key rings such as a can opener, a flashlight for safety, or a whistle for emergencies.

Other things to consider when buying promotional items would be your budget and your time frame. The amount of funds you will be using will determine the type of item you can purchase and the quantity. If your budget is in excess of your expenses for your plastic key rings then it might be possible to buy a different promo item that you can partner with your key rings. Schedules are also quite important as you need to ensure that your item will achieve a high level of impact on your intended recipients at the most opportune time.

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