Customising Promotional Metal Key Rings

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If you would like to create awareness for your company or product without spending too much, you can consider promotional metal key rings as your corporate giveaway. These items are handy and practical and they offer a great printing space for your logo. You can be sure to generate much attention for your product or company with these personalised key rings.

Customised metal key rings are one of the most popular and affordable marketing and advertising items for any type of business. There is a large design range for printed key rings so you will definitely find one that matches your company. These printed key rings are highly versatile making them an effective tool to push your brand. And what’s more, they will not break the bank. They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes with adequate space to either print or engrave your logo.

Styling Your Custom-Printed Metal Key Rings

An advantage to giving away smaller items is that you can stylize them in every which way you choose and make them adhere to your theme or concept for an advertising campaign. Here are a few ways to customise your branded metal key rings.

Metal Finish

Branded metal key rings can come in a variety of finishes. You can choose the more commonly used matte finish, which offers a nostalgic and slightly rustic look and feel. You can also opt for a shiny finish where you can almost see your own reflection. If you want to go for long shelf life, then you want the matte finish as they stay intact far longer than the shiny ones and they do not get scratched easily. However, if it is the “bling bling” factor you are seeking, then the shiny finish should be your choice.

Engraving versus Pad Printing

The main printing methods for custom-branded metal key rings are laser engraving and pad printing. Pad printing will let you pick the colours you want in your logo print, you should expect some wear and tear to set in if you choose pad printing as the print can chip away after a time. Engraving your logo may not be as catchy as pad printing but it surely gives your item an air of professionalism, plus they will never chip away and will remain intact over time.

Features and Added Accessories

You can load up your metal key rings with a number of features that will make them more attractive to your market. Of course they can come in different colours, sizes, and shapes. There are companies that have commissioned to have their key rings take the shape of their product, which has the potential of being a collector’s item. It is possible to add other functions or accessories to your key rings such as a lanyard, neck chain, whistle, mini torches, or even a small compass. Whatever you decide, you should make sure that your logo is prominently placed in a highly visible area of the key chain as this is the key to effectively advertising your logo.

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