Promotional Toffees for Conference Attendees

Nothing gets people’s attention more that freebies, except maybe if the freebies are toffees. The next time your company participates in conferences, trade shows, business conventions or other corporate events, consider giving away toffees in custom-printed packaging as your promotional item. You do not need to spend too much and you will surely make the attendees happy with these sweet stuffs.

Maximizing the Impact of Toffees

People just cannot resist toffees so you should always have them in a big bowl at your conference or trade show booth to lure people in. Watch the crowd gravitate in your show place and seize the opportunity to introduce your company or product to them as they enjoy your confectionary. You can definitely leave a mark with your personalised toffees and be remembered well by conference attendees.

Gift Items

Customised toffees are also perfect as gifts to employees, suppliers, clients and customers. You can have them in cool containers and packaging that bears your logo. They can be in small buckets, metal bowls, plastic and glass jars, coffee mugs and canisters. All these containers offer a great space for printing your logo in a prominent, eye-grabbing way.

Why Toffees?

Custom-branded toffees are a natural choice for companies because they taste good and people relate to the easily ensuring that your company or product will be well remembered. One thing to keep in mind though is that toffee candies can melt at high temperatures. You need to make sure that you order them in packaging that will properly insulate them from the heat so that they get to your audience fresh and amazingly delicious.

While branded toffees are a cool way to make waves for your product, they are consumable and their packaging will be thrown away after the candy is consumed. It would be wise to also come up with printed promotional items that are non-perishable to give people something to take back home with them. You can also package your toffees like gift items, contained in mugs, buckets or tumblers so that the people can take them home with them and find other uses for the containers once the toffees have run out.

The important thing is to have your name out there visible to all the people that will come across your promotional item. You have to make certain that your logo design is visible and prominently placed in the packaging of your toffees.

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