Custom Sweatpants for Yoga & Exercise

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It's a beautiful morning in Melbourne, and you've decided to start your day with a calming yoga session. You roll out your mat, take some deep breaths, and then look down at what you're wearing - and there they are, the same old boring yoga pants that everyone else is wearing too! Don't be just another yogi in the crowd - spice up your workout wardrobe with some custom sweatpants from Cubic Promote.

1. Custom track pants promote brand awareness.
2. Team spirit is promoted through matching gear.
3. Comfortable and functional for workouts.

Custom Sweatpants Benefits

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, having the right gear can make all the difference when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident during your practice. Here are some reasons why custom sweatpants are an excellent choice for any yoga enthusiast:

  • Style meets comfort: Our promo sweatpants are made from high-quality fabric that feels soft against your skin while allowing for breathability during even the toughest poses.
  • Ease of movement: Unlike other tight-fitting activewear, our custom sweatpants feature designs that allow for full range of motion without limiting flexibility.
  • Personalisation options: Want to stand out in class? We offer various sizes and colours as well as personalised options like waistbands, pockets or drawstrings so you can create something unique to suit your personality.
  • Affordable price point: Skip splurging on expensive activewear brands - our budget-friendly option guarantees both style and functionality without breaking the bank.

Brand Awareness

Whether you own a business or manage events frequently, branding plays a significant role in promoting your company or organisation. Imagine placing your logo on one of these promotional joggers; every time someone wears them outside of their home is free advertising!

  • Increase brand awareness at events by sponsoring athletes who wear customized sweats.
  • Give employees personalized tracksuits as uniforms at corporate functions leaving no guesswork around company identity.
  • Use branded sweatpants as gifts at trade shows.

Impact Gym Erina Success Story

Let me tell you about how custom sweatpants helped Impact Gym Erina reach new heights in brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Impact Gym Erina is a popular fitness centre located on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Despite its loyal members, they wanted to bring in new clients and boost their brand's reputation among the fitness community.

That's when they turned to Cubic Promote for help. Our team worked closely with them to create custom sweatpants that perfectly exemplified their gym’s motto - "Train Hard or Go Home."

With their bold statement printed down the leg of each pair of joggers, it was impossible not to notice someone wearing these personalised pants around town. And everywhere those sweatpants went, so too did free publicity for Impact Gym Erina!

Not only were they an excellent marketing tool; these trackie dacks proved durable and comfortable enough even during gruelling workouts into making sure that everyone who chose to wear them is motivated throughout sessions. They also had options like side pockets for storing valuables such as phones or car keys while training.

It wasn't long before satisfied customers began sharing photos across social media featuring themselves stretching out in some bespoke swag from this amazing gym - and soon after, memberships started pouring in!


Whether you’re stepping into warrior pose or getting your daily workout done, adding some pizzazz to what you wear is always a good idea! Thanks for reading about all the ways our custom sweatpants can help maximise your fitness routine while also increasing brand awareness for personal or corporate events alike. So next time it’s time for that morning yoga session, ditch those fleecy trackies and slip-on one of these bespoke outfits instead - who knows what good vibes will come your way!


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