Green Promotional Products: Growth, Nature and Freshness

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Green Promotional Products: Add Life to Your Advertising

There is no secret to the cost-effectiveness and effectiveness of promotional giveaways. Most successful businesses employ such a marketing strategy, which should not surprise you. However, you'll need to learn some tricks of the trade. Knowing what colour will complement your advertising campaign is one of them. Green promotional products are a great way to promote your brand, but you should determine if they suit your business.

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Why Use Green As Promotional Products?

One of the most popular colours in the world is green. People are drawn to it, and it has a variety of meanings. For businesses, using green as promotional products can communicate several things to customers. 

First, using green as a promotional product can show that you care about the environment. Many people feel that companies that consider environmental concerns are more responsible and trustworthy than those that don't. Second, using green as a promotional product can show that you're eco-friendly and willing to go above and beyond for your customers.


Celebrating Life and Nature with Green Promotional Products 


Businesses that sell products or services celebrating life, such as those in the health industry, should naturally choose green promotional items. The colour green is well known to symbolize growth, fertility, and freshness, so no other colour should be considered for this job.


Green is also ideal for companies promoting health products since it symbolizes relaxation. Many consumers find medical-related products more appealing when the colour green is present. It is also a colour associated with hope, peace and safety.


Green promotional products are logical for companies promoting environmentally-friendly products and can be tailored to their needs. Many businesses use green to advocate for the environment in today's marketing campaigns.


When launching a marketing campaign in the spring, it is appropriate to hand out green-branded corporate giveaways. Green is the colour of money so financial companies would benefit from green promotional products.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products in Green

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Green is not only an attractive colour for your next promotional product, but it also implies eco-friendly products. We have a range of products that are designed to look like they are friendly for the environment and are safer than their equivalent non-eco-friendly counterparts. Green promotional products are distinguished from non-green ones by several criteria. A promotional product must meet several essential mandates to be classified as eco-friendly.


Criteria 1: Promotional items should be made using processes and techniques that leave a minimal carbon footprint. Consequently, chemicals used in production, electricity, and waste must be minimized.


Criteria 2: A promotional item may be considered green if it is biodegradable after its useful life has ended. The item can also be transformed into nutrients beneficial to the soil as it biodegrades.


Criteria 3: The promotional item must contain at least 30% recycled material in its raw component composition. Promotional notepads made of paper or frisbees made of plastic (from recycled bottles) are good examples.

Typically a green promotional product will be very muted in colour. Earthy greens and greys are common and is what makes the product quite unique. Some examples include:

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