Green Promotional Products

Green Promotional Products: Add Life to Your Advertising

The cost-efficiency and effectivity of promotional giveaways are not a secret. You should not be surprised to learn that most successful businesses utilise such marketing strategy. Of course, there are certain tricks of the trade you need to learn. One of which is to know which color would best complement your advertising campaign. If you are thinking of handing out green coloured promotional products, you should first determine if these personalised items in green fit your needs.

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Celebrating Life and Nature

Business involved in services or products which have anything to with celebrating life such as those in the health industry should naturally choose green promotional products to give away. No other color should be considered for this job as green is known for symbolizing growth, fertility and freshness.

Aside from these, green is also the ideal choice for companies promoting health products since this color is associated with rest and relaxation. It is also the color of hope, peace and safety, qualities which a lot of consumers find appealing in medical-related products.

Of course, it is only logical for companies promoting environmentally-safe products to choose green promotional products and customise them based on their design preferences. Since most businesses today are advocating the protection of the environment, a lot has incorporated the color green in their marketing campaign.

There is also the spring season and if you happen to launch a marketing campaign during this period, handing out green branded corporate giveaways is certainly appropriate. Companies belonging to the financial industry would most likely benefit from green custom-printed promotional products since it is the color of money.

Different Shades of Green

Just like most colours, there are several shades of green which you can choose from depending on what your services or products are. For example, you can choose olive green if your company is associated with the military. On the other hand, light or fresh shades of green work best for products or services offered during springtime. You can also choose to combine green with other colours to meet your design objectives. For instance, you can combine green with yellow or orange and be associated with something light and fruity.

When it comes to choosing the actual promotional product, you will have no problem whatsoever as there are plenty of options available. You can go with green mouse pads, key rings, umbrellas, pens and post it notes, all of which are customised with your company logo. Just make sure your choice of promotional product has a connection to your business and functional.

Green Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

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Other than being a very appealing colour for your next promotional product green also implies Eco friendly products. We have a range of products that are designed to not only look like they are friendly for the environment but also actually are more safer than their equivalent non eco friendly counterparts. There are several criterias we use to distinguish a promotional product that is green compared to one that is not. The list below are some of the essential mandates that need to be met in order for us to classify it as a environmentally safe promotional product.

Criteria 1: The promotional item must be produced with techniques and processes that have a small carbon foot print. Therefore chemicals used in a production, electricity and waste must be kept to a minimum.

Criteria 2: A promotional item may be classified as green if the product can bio degrade when its useful life is over. In some instances the item would not only biodegrade but it will transform into nutrients that are beneficial to soil.

Criteria 2: A promotional item uses a minimum of 30% recycled material in its raw component composition. Things like paper used in promotional notepads or plastic (from recycled bottles) used in frisbees are a good example.

Green promotional products typically do cost a little more than their equivalent non green products. The key reason for the cost is that there is in place more labour and effort required to either obtain recycled materials or more engineering involved in making a production process have less carbon emissions. However what you do benefit is having a promotional product that will:

  • Provide you and your company knowledge that you are not harming the environment as much
  • Provide your clients that your company genuinely cares. If they think you care about the environment they will link that goodwill feeling to you.
  • Have a product that looks unique and distinct which can boost your marketing.

Typically a green promotional product will be very muted in colour. Earthy greens and greys are common and is what makes the product quite unique. Some examples include:

notebook greengreen frisbeespack of pencilscanvas article

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