Promotional Bag Colours That Go With Everything

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Promotional bags offer the ideal way to get your message out worldwide. Not only are they cost-effective, but they can also be customised with a wide range of colours, logos and designs to suit your particular needs best. But what colour should you choose? How do you best coordinate a promotional bag's colour with your existing brand identity? This article will explore how you can use coloured custom bags as a universal asset for your business, no matter what colour palette it follows.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a versatile colour for your promotional bags to coordinate with your existing brand identity.
  • Colour coordination is important when creating a cohesive image and impactful message for marketing materials.
  • Popular neutral shades such as black, khaki, navy blue, and silver/grey are great options with many different colour palettes.

The Basics: Choosing Promotional Bag Colours That Go With Everything

The key is versatility when considering which colour branded bag to go for. After all, when you invest in promotional products like branded totes or drawstring bags, you want them to be as eye-catching and helpful for marketing purposes as possible. So choosing a ‘one size fits all’ design is wise – especially if you have different types of campaigns or target audiences throughout the year. But before we look at some popular neutral shades that work with any set of colours, let’s explore why coordinating your bag colours with other branding elements is important in the first place.

Why Choose Colours That Coordinate?

Colour coordination is crucial for creating a cohesive image and impactful message with your personalised bags. When potential customers receive one of these branded items, they make an assumption based on their visual impression – positive or negative. By selecting colours that don't clash with or distract from your main logo or other branding elements, you'll ensure that consistency across all marketing collateral speaks volumes about your brand's ability to put together an attractive offering.

Popular Custom Branded Bag Colours That Go With Everything

Whether you're aiming for subtle sophistication or need something basic yet bold - here are some “universal” shades that work well with many different colour palettes:


Experience the timeless elegance of a noir-hued promotional bag - the epitome of subtlety and sophistication. Express your unique style, from street chic to black-tie glam, all while being a walking harmony of fashion. Bid farewell to wardrobe clashes and embrace the versatile allure of obsidian.


Discover the subtle charm of grey promotional bags, a timeless choice for versatile style. Embrace the elegance of this classic hue while letting your outfit shine, as it effortlessly complements any ensemble. Lighter and less intense than black, a grey bag adds a sophisticated touch to your look without overpowering it.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is another versatile shade that works well with most outfits and occasions. Not only does navy blue give off a professional vibe but it's also easy to find complementary shades in clothing and accessories too. If you want something more eye-catching than plain black or grey then navy blue could be the right choice for your personalised bag needs!

Neutral Tone Patterns

If plain colours aren't quite what you're looking for then try out neutral tone patterns instead! Neutral tones like taupe, cream, and beige can add texture and visual interest without being overbearing. This makes them perfect for casual days at work or play without overpowering other elements like clothing or jewellery. Plus, they provide plenty of versatility when paired with brighter hues or prints like floral designs or stripes.


Brown is an excellent choice for logo printed bags because it goes well with almost anything! From jeans and tees to dresses and skirts – brown always seems to add warmth and depth without taking away from other colours around it. For an extra touch of style try mixing different shades of brown together such as light tan and dark chocolate – this contrast adds texture while still maintaining its earthy roots!


Last but certainly not least is khaki – one of those neutral colours that go with just about anything! Khaki has been used in military uniforms since World War II which speaks volumes about its timelessness; no matter what year it is khaki will never fall out of fashion! Khaki gives off a classic but relaxed vibe which makes it perfect for both casual days at work or nights out on the town alike!


To make sure your promotional bags stand out from the competition and create maximum lasting impressions – go for colours that easily coordinate across multiple branding schemes, particularly those sharing darker hues such as black and navy blue along with lighter variants like khaki and silver/grey depending on which tone fits better aesthetically alongside graphics & text imprints!

Promotional Bag Colours That Go With Everything

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