Brandable USB Memory Padlock

Our Price

This is quite possibly our most unique USB memory flashdrive product we have released thus far. It is a flashdrive in the shape of a padlock. In case the metaphor is not immediately apparent, the padlock is fun symbolic way of illustrating that your content and data is kept safe inside the memory drive.

The other unique aspect to this flashdrive is that the unit is actually made from die-cast metal. This makes the unit extremely robust and also gives it a bit of weight as well which will greatly increase peoples quality perception of the item.

Branding By Laser Engraving or Pad Printing

Being a metal surfaced product we can have your organisations logo and details either etched onto the surface via laser engraving or have your logos merely pad printed. To find out more about each decoration method just follow the link.

USB Flashdrive Memory Capacity

Choose from your desired memory capacity starting from 1gb | 2gb | 4gb | 8gb | 16gb. All our flashdrives utilize grade A flash drive chips. This means that the memory internally are brand new and sourced directly from one of our memory chip vendors such as Intel and Samsung. This is your assurance that the flashdrive memory is not second hand and it will not contain malware nor other redundant files.

Optional Accessories

The padlock flashdrives come delivered to you in a standard clear plastic sleeve. Why not enhance the product when you gift it to your staff and clients by adding one of our optional accessories with it such as:

- Metal Tin can gift box
- Data preloading
- Data hard code preloading
- Additional colour prints and engraving positions

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