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Promotional Rulers in Bulk

We sell printed rulers with your logo, perfect for schools, offices, and as practical items. Rulers enhance brand visibility in both educational and professional settings. Our wide range includes plastic, wooden, flexible, and metal rulers, all ready to be customised with your branding.

With 18 years of experience serving over 4,500 Australian businesses each year, Cubic Promote is known for its exceptional quality and commitment to sustainability. We specialise in bulk orders, providing the best prices and reliable service. As one of Australia's few carbon-neutral certified companies, we are dedicated to sustainable practices. Choose Cubic Promote for premium promotional products that will make your brand shine.

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Branding Techniques for Rulers

Elevate your promotional rulers with our versatile branding methods:

  • Pad Printing: This technique transfers your design onto the ruler using a silicone pad, perfect for precise, single or multi-colour logos and text, making it a popular choice for clear branding.
  • Laser Engraving: Ideal for metal or wooden rulers, this method etches your logo or message directly into the surface, resulting in a sophisticated, permanent mark that enhances the ruler's perceived value.
  • Digital Full Colour Printing: Offers the ability to apply vibrant, detailed designs across the entire length of the ruler, allowing for creative and impactful branding with photographic quality.

Who Is This Product For?

Promotional rulers are an excellent choice for:

  • Educational institutions wishing to provide students with branded learning tools.
  • Companies looking to add a practical item to their office stationery suite.
  • Businesses seeking cost-effective promotional items for trade shows, events, or as part of a welcome kit for new employees or clients.

Rulers Made from Different Materials

A ruler is usually made out of thin strip of wood, metal or plastic. Plastic rulers are light in weight and the most cost-efficient of the three, perfect for office use. However, if they are used carelessly they may break. On the other hand, wooden rulers are durable, and the markings are engraved onto the wood and thus do not rub off. These are perfect for students. Metals rulers are more expensive and heavy in weight, making them ideal for use in a professional setting.

Frequently Asked Questions for Rulers

Do you supply rulers with custom printing?

Yes, all our rulers can be customised with your ideal branding or artwork. Feel free to email us your artwork so we can do a digital mockup.

Do you have any eco-friendly rulers in your range?

Yes, we have eco-friendly options available. Our environmental friendly customised rulers are made from recycled plastics. If you'd prefer a natural material, we also offer bamboo wood rulers.

Our custom branded pencils are also an ideal and eco-friendly promotional item for your organisation.

What ruler sizes do you have available?

The standard sizes for our personalised rulers are 15cm and 30cm, with inch measurements printed on each. We also offer custom sizes; however, they are only available upon request, so please let us know if you require them.

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Coloured Ruler

30cm Ruler

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White Ruler



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