Promotional Products as Staff Incentive Gifts

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As a business owner, recognizing all the hard work and dedication given by your employees is an important part of your job. By recognizing their roles in the success enjoyed by your company, you actually motivate them to work harder. Although a pat on the back is well-received, nothing says “thank you” and “keep up the good work” better than staff incentive gifts. In fact, you should not be surprised if productivity increases with the launch of an incentive program for your employees.

Promotional Custom Chocolates

Why Use Personalised Staff Incentives?

Custom staff incentive gifts are unique rewards given to employees by businesses to recognise their hard work, dedication, and achievements. By offering bespoke tokens of appreciation, companies foster a positive work culture and boost employee motivation, ultimately improving overall performance. These tailor-made gifts can range from personalised trinkets to experience days, demonstrating an employer's genuine gratitude.

Incorporating custom incentives not only showcases a firm's commitment to their team but also sets them apart from competitors. By utilising these distinctive rewards, businesses can enhance staff morale, retention, and productivity, reaping long-term benefits for all parties involved.

Custom Staff Gift Ideas for Australian Businesses

Here are some suggestions you might want to consider, based on previous campaigns we've assisted on:

  • Mousepads
  • Compendiums
  • Leather Bags
  • Luxury Pens
  • Award trophies for recognition of Employee of the Month, Best Department, Attendance Awards and Leadership Awards
  • Custom Chocolates
  • Cool Accessories Sports Merchandise such as Golf Paraphernalia and Travel Gear

Kinds of Gift Incentive Programs

There are a couple of ways you can run a successful staff gift programme in your business, these include:

Catalogue System

In this incentive program, your company releases a catalogue from where employees get to choose their own incentive gift based on the particular category which they belong to.

Point System

Your staff and employees will be given points for every accomplishment and they can choose to use the points to redeem an item or wait for their points to accumulate to get the higher value awards.

Tips for a Successful Incentive Program

1)  Be generous. Incentive programs are designed to inspire your staff and employees to go above and beyond their job description. It would be better if you hand out staff incentive gifts which are unique and much-coveted. But make the gifts exclusive such as season tickets or concert tickets. Since you are essentially rewarding them for the hard work, you should make sure your incentive gifts will make them feel that all their hard work paid off.

2)  Be creative. You should not limit yourself to promotional gifts as a form of incentive. Employees will also appreciate gift certificates to nearby restaurants, extra half hour lunch or even a paid half-day leave. If you have broad-reaching or ongoing programs, gifts may become too expensive in the long run. You can choose instead to hand out personalised letter commendations and recognitions.

You can choose to work with Cubic Promote for your staff incentive gift program. Simply speak with our sales team to help you find the ideal promotional merchandise that meets your needs and budget

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