Promotional Gifts for Welcoming Staff or Clients

Whether it’s a new member of staff or client, the kind of welcome they receive determines how they settle in. A promotional gift can be an excellent ‘welcome on board’ item for your customers or team members. Want to know how to select the perfect promotional gift? Here’s how;

How to Pick a Staff Welcome Gift

Welcome Promotional Gifts: How to Select the Perfect One

  • Make sure that your company logo is embedded or imprinted on the item—as much as this is a great way of making sure that the present stands out, a company logo is a subtle but effective way of advertising yourself.
  • Get small products—this is an excellent way to ascertain that you don’t need to spend more than it is necessary. Also, with small welcome gifts, they can be easily passed along, taken along to close meetings and even placed on the reception desk to give to customers as they head out.
  • Buy presents that can be easily incorporated in daily activities—part of the best presents to give out include flash drives, stationery and phone covers. Small presents can be taken out and about. That way, your company brand is not just pushed to the back of some closet and used once in a year.

How Then can Promotional Gifts be Maximised?

Branded presents can be given as incentives for new customers. Regardless their financial status, clients always feel happy to receive more. You can use your custom gift as that final push to get customers to sign up. For example; ‘sign up today and receive a free MP3 player.’

When it comes to team building, presents can help get things started on the right foot. Team members often feel a real morale boost when given promotional items. This boost will make them motivated to go beyond the call of duty. Don’t be afraid to spend a little, because this is an investment that will pay off in both profit and dedication long-term.

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