Why Choose Get Fit Gift Boxes?

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Did you ever give a Get Fit Gift Boxes to someone who's a health nut? Believe me when I say giving them this gift is as challenging as doing their workouts. Fitness lovers follow a specialised exercise routine, and it's different to any other person. They use specific equipment and accessories based on the workout plan they follow. But as they say, "It is the thought that counts." And by giving them a Get Fit Gift Boxes, you can subtly relay that you are rooting for them to succeed in their fitness aspirations! In this post, we'll provide some tips you can use as a guide, so keep reading!

Fitness Box wiith Yoga Mat

Why Choose Get Fit Gift Boxes? (And When Should You Not?)

Let's tackle this question first. Promotional gift boxes are popular throughout the holidays and other special events. Why not? You can select the box design and its contents. You are free to mix up what's in it, which helps you not go over your budget.

Moreover, it's convenient because you won't have to spend time picking, packing, and delivering the gift baskets yourself. You can also customise it by placing your company's logo on the box and any of its contents. A promotional products supplier like Cubic Promote can do all these for you.

That being said, customised gift boxes are for everyone. But are Get Fit Gift Boxes for you? This takes us back to the topic at hand. The answer is: It depends on the nature of your business. It's only a matter of comparing apples to apples. If your response is a 'yes' to any of the following questions below, then it wouldn't be odd to give away a gift basket full of branded exercise equipment:

  • Are you an owner of a gym or a fitness centre?
  • Do you sell gym/sports/fitness equipment?
  • Are you a yoga or gym instructor?
  • Do you operate a sports club?
  • Are you a sports team manager?
  • Do you sponsor a local sports team?
  • Is your business related to sports or fitness?

Is that a "yes" we hear? Then, let's go shopping for promotional fitness gear!

What Should Be In A Get Fit Gift Box?

We already mentioned how difficult it is to put together get-fit gift boxes. So, we've created a list of everyday fitness products to help you in your search and give you some ideas.

Gym Bags

Do you want to go all out with your marketing campaign? Use a gym bag instead of a box or a hamper. Try this sports bag with a main zippered compartment, water bottle pocket, permanent adjustable shoulder strap, and two carry handles. It's also available in different colours.

Drink Bottles

This one is pretty obvious. But you should only give the best brands to your recipients, like a Camelbak water bottle. We stock Camelbak drink bottles with various materials, dimensions, and colour options.

Skipping Ropes

Jump or skipping rope is one of the most compact exercise equipment you can fit in a gift hamper. You can also take it anywhere: at the gym, in your backyard, or in the park. We offer standard and electronic skipping ropes ready for branding.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are versatile equipment for strength training. You can use exercise bands instead of bulkier exercise equipment if you don't have any at home. It's cheaper and lightweight, too!

Yoga Mats

Yoga or exercise mat lessens your discomfort while you burn fat. Our customisable yoga mats are made from thick woven polypropylene fibre and come with a carry case.

Sports Towels

A gym or sports towel is a must-have item during your workout to keep your sweat off the machines and keep you feeling clean and dry. We have a unique gym towel called a sports cooling towel made from polyester, perfect for hot summer days or intense workouts.

Gym T-Shirts and Shorts

Keep your sweat away from your skin with athletic tees and shorts. We offer a range of sports cool dry t-shirts made of polyester and specially designed for athletes and gym junkies.

Pair it with AS Colour shorts to finish off your look. We have track, court, stadium, and training shorts ready for personalisation.


Keep track of your steps while running or jogging outside using a reliable pedometer. We provide smart pedometer watches that measure in metric or imperial format.

Stress Balls

Stress balls are a wonder exercise gear that may help lower blood pressure, strengthen muscles, and improve concentration. Our stress balls are made to last and come in various fun designs.

Headphones or Earbuds

Someone who works out but doesn't listen to music? You are built differently, mate. But for those who do, we have a collection of wireless Skullcandy headphones and earbuds that you can brand with your logo.

Cubic Promote Corporate Gift Boxing Service

Are you ready to arrange your Get Fit Gift Boxes of promotional exercise equipment? Let our knowledgeable team help you with that! Cubic Promote offers a comprehensive gift-boxing service, from product selection and packaging to personalisation and delivery/storage. 


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