Promotional Mugs With Kiln Firing

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The range of ceramic promotional mugs and cups from Cubic Promote are about as durable and hard-wearing as they come. This owes to the fact that we kiln fire our ceramics after printing to ensure enhanced durability over time. But what does kiln firing mean, and why does it help make your logo printed cups last the distance?

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What is Kiln Firing?

The process of kiln firing involves subjecting ceramic items, such as promotional mugs, to high temperatures in a specialised oven called a kiln. Kiln firing is not suitable for all promotional products however, this technique has been employed by expert craftspeople for generations to produce a diverse range of ceramic goods. The primary purpose of kiln firing promotional mugs is to strengthen the clay material used in their composition. The extreme heat within the kiln causes clay particles to merge, yielding a sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting item that can endure daily usage.

Another significant advantage of kiln firing is its contribution to the aesthetic appeal of promotional mugs. The elevated temperatures achieved during the procedure allow the glaze on the mugs' surface to liquefy and develop a lustrous, smooth, and eye-catching finish. This glass-like coating not only augments the mugs' visual appeal but also imparts resistance to discolouration, abrasion, and general wear. As a result, printed logos and designs on the mugs retain their vividness and sharpness over time, consistently promoting the brand effectively.

Other Advantages of Kiln Firing

Kiln firing is also crucial for ensuring the safety and cleanliness of promotional mugs. The heat generated during the process eradicates any bacteria or contaminants in the clay or glaze, delivering users a hygienic and secure drinking receptacle. Moreover, the kiln-fired glaze forms a watertight barrier that deters liquids from penetrating the ceramic structure, rendering the mugs simple to clean and maintain.

To conclude, kiln firing is a vital element in the fabrication of superior-quality promotional mugs. This tried-and-true method enhances the mugs' longevity, appearance, and safety, guaranteeing they function as an effective promotional tool that positively represents the company or organisation. By investing in kiln-fired promotional mugs, businesses can assuredly distribute a product that will endure the passage of time and persist in promoting their brand in a fashionable and practical way.

What is Our Mug Production Process?

  • Ceramic mugs are produced and fired into a particular shape (like a can or cylindrical shape)
  • Mugs are cooled and stored.
  • Your order is placed, we apply your logo design using our manual or digital print processes onto the surface of the mugs.
  • We kiln fire the printed design onto the mugs, before cooling and packaging them for delivery to you.

When Don't We Kiln Fire Mugs?

Kiln firing only works on clay-based products, so any mugs that are not made from clay (ceramic) are not suitable for this double fired process.

What Does a Kiln Look Like?

They're big ovens - mugs and cups are stacked evenly across specially designed trays before the overhead element is lowered and the heat switched on. Temperatures are extremely high in these machines thus staff members don't get close until the firing is completed!

Industrial Kiln for Bulk Mugs

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