Meet the Team

Senior Management

Charles Liu

Managing Director

Fun Facts:

Loves meat pies.
Is a glass-half-full type of person.
Owns a fluffy white dog that looks like a gremlin when he's wet.

Charles started work at Cubic Promote with its inception in 2005. He found himself drawn to the fun, creative side of the promotional products industry after previous roles in finance and marketing.

Charles believes the best thing about his job is happy customers, and he is always willing to offer extra items or assistance when clients find themselves in a difficult situation. In addition, Charles is known for his expertise regarding all branding methods and his commercial decision-making acumen in the Cubic Promote team.

Wendy Li

General Manager

Fun Facts:

Is short.
Enjoys watching sports.
Loves golf.

Wendy started her time with Cubic Promote in 2010 and hasn't looked back! After working in store management, she became curious about where magazine tip-on gifts came from and joined the Cubic customer care team.

These days, Wendy is one of the experts at Cubic with the experience and industry knowledge to assist with almost every client and production situation that may arise. She is a leader within the business, and the rest of the team appreciates her guidance.

Yunita Chin

Sales Director

Fun Facts:

Loves food.
Hates exercise.
Likes to travel, but hasn't done much of it lately!

Yunita has been with the Cubic Promote team since 2011, joining us after several years in retail. Because of her extensive sales background, Yunita is a valuable team leader who frequently guides our newer recruits.

When anyone is confused about products or branding, Yunita can chime in with a helpful response. She is known to go the extra mile to make things happen for her customers, particularly in complex or last-minute scenarios.

Yoshe Foy

Content Director

Fun Facts:

Loves a good coffee.
Knows a lot of random (useless) trivia.
Has a Grogu/Baby Yoda wallpaper on her work computer.

Yoshe began working with Cubic Promote in mid-2014 after time spent in regional communications roles. Initially assisting the team with inquiries, she has since grown to become a full-time content manager who oversees the company's writing, media, and social media.

The team knows Yoshe can find out about or change anything required on the website and is always there to support the team when things get busy.

Jasmine Yip

Financial Controller

Fun Facts:

Enjoys dancing & gymnastics.
Can hang upside down.
Can do cartwheels.

Jasmine has been with Cubic Promote since the business began in 2006. A love of new & innovative products and a need for flexible working arrangements drew her to team Cubic all those years ago!

As she has a strong background in auditing and compliance, Jasmine was a natural choice for our accounting team. When other Cubic team members require information on invoices, finance, or accounting, Jasmine is always first to help out.

Senior Account Managers

David De Mulder

Senior Account Manager

Fun Facts:

Speaks with a funny French accent.
Can't live without chocolate.
Also, can't live without coffee, let's be real.

David joined the Cubic Promote team in 2019 after over a decade of working in the supply side of the promotional products industry. Drawn to the fast-moving aspects of the merchandise game, he is always keen to match great products with keen clients.

Known around the office for his encyclopedic knowledge of pens, David is outcomes-focused and can always think outside the box when his customers need creative solutions for a deadline.

Oliver Bethell

Senior Account Manager

Fun Facts:

Big fan of Formula 1.
Always looking to try new foods.

Oliver became part of the Cubic Promote sales team in 2018 after working internationally in import/export for several years. He is a fan of selling innovative products that have a personalised and unique outcome for each client.

Oliver is a good listener who will always do his best to recommend the right product to the right client. He is known within the Cubic team as a logistics expert, with a mind for details and impeccable accuracy.

Lucy Reyer

Senior Account Manager

Fun Facts:

Loves painting/drawing/anything creative.
Originally from New York but has been to 6 continents.
A terrible baker.

Lucy started her time with Cubic in early 2018. Coming from a graphic design background, the artistic elements of the industry caused her to become interested in promotional products.

Known around the office as the go-to person for any customer care questions or graphic design assistance, Lucy is one of our all-star account managers. Engaging and astute in conversation, she always has time free for a chat with her customers.

Account Managers

Regina Mangubat

Account Manager

Fun Facts:

Favourite hobby is diamond painting.
Can listen to one song on repeat for the whole workday.
Loves the beach & hopes to go there again someday soon!

Regina has been a key member of the Cubic team since mid-2018, coming to us after several years of working in property maintenance management. Seeking a change that made use of her problem-solving skills, Regina opted to join the Cubic production team.

Known for her positive attitude and understanding nature, Regina quickly finds obscure products for clients and other team members. When dealing with Regina, customers can always be sure they're receiving her complete attention and care.

Jennifer Halloran

Account Manager

Fun Facts:

Loves fitness & aims to train for a triathlon soon.
Enjoys traveling.
Prefers having subtitles ON during movies.

Jennifer is one of the newest Cubic recruits, starting her time with the team in August of 2021. Her background in customer service, non-profit outreach, and interest in logo design means that Jennifer is perfect for her new role as an account manager at Cubic Promote.

Jennifer is now focusing on building her client relationships and providing additional Adobe Illustrator support to the internal team when she's not sending out quotes to customers.

Leo Cruz

Account Manager

Fun Facts:

Loves long bicycle rides.
Is involved in leadership training to empower marriage.
Loves singing (but the music doesn't love him back!)

Leo joined the Cubic family in late 2018 after seeking a change from his previous corporate IT help desk role. He immediately appreciated the Cubic company culture and has worked hard to establish himself as an account manager with our team.

Leo is always happy to lend a hand when staff members need to set up their home work stations, thanks to his time working at help desks. In addition, his clients appreciate his dedication to processing their orders and ensuring speedy delivery.

Alice Borja

Account Manager

Fun Facts:

Neither of her two kids look that much like her, despite carrying them for nine months!
Enjoys the sea air and sun for her well being.
Prefers cakes to ice cream.

Alice is one of the newest members of the Cubic family, beginning her time here in July of 2021. Coming from a background in the print industry, Alice knows the ins and outs of promotional products and their decoration techniques.

Guiding customers through the sales process is one of the highlights of Alice's new role at Cubic. While she's still learning the ropes, Alice has already become a supportive and solutions-focused team member.

Ariane Milarpez

Account Manager

Fun Facts:

She can't live without eating rice.
An avid Korean drama fan.
Her favourite day of the week is Monday (crazy, right?)

Ariane began working at Cubic Promote in mid-2019 after time spent in sourcing and business development. Promotional products sales use her knowledge base, but with many additional variables that help liven up her days!

Ariane enjoys working with the diverse team at Cubic and finds she's at her best when making the impossible possible for urgent clients. In addition, the other Cubic staff know Ariane as a fantastic all-around listener.

Sales Consultants

Aiza Cruz

Senior Sales Consultant

Fun Facts:

Likes dancing.
Loves BTS.
Enjoys traveling.

Aiza joined team Cubic at the beginning of 2018 from a previous role in order management. Because Aiza has a background in equipment order processing, she is extremely efficient at providing production support to the customer care team.

Aiza is one of the first full-time production managers to join our team, and she's always keen to learn new things and share her knowledge with the other production staff.

Eloisa Uniforme

Production Manager

Fun Facts:

Needs a cup of coffee to start the day.
Sleep > food.
Can stay inside the house for a month without going outside at all.

Eloisa began working with Cubic Promote in late 2019 after a long career in purchasing for various companies. She decided to change things up a bit by working with the production side of Cubic Promote, which Eloisa is enjoying immensely.

Because of her history in purchasing, Eloisa provides additional insights to our staff and customers, ensuring that everyone is maximising their sales journey to achieve the best outcomes.

Julia Agatha

Sales Consultant

Fun Facts:

Loves dogs.
Loves shopping.
Loves watching movies with her kids.

Julia started with the Cubic Promote team in mid-2018, seeking an opportunity to learn something new after years spent as a manager in a different industry. Now Julia uses her management and communication skills to assist our promotional product clients!

In the office, we know Julia as a patient person who is always there to help others if they encounter difficult tasks. She also works with customers to ensure all their key outcomes are met before the sales process is over.

Tracy Alfonso

Sales Consultant

Fun Facts:

Loves cooking and baking.
Christmas music helps combat her stress throughout the year.
Sometimes has odd reactions like her hair pulling back when sneezing or getting a headache from strong perfumes.

Tracy is a recent addition to the Cubic family, having joined us in mid-2021. Her previous role was as a trade marketing planner, so moving to a production manager capacity at Cubic Promote is a good fit.

Dedicated to giving clients a pleasant and consistent transaction, Tracy works hard to provide production details to the customer care team quickly. She is also enjoying her time working writingh her new peers and vice versa!

Hannah Calvo

Sales Consultant

Fun Facts:

Not a fan of cheese.
Loves to read & appreciates rooms filled with books.
Viewing dog videos and pics online = therapy.

Hannah became a member of team Cubic in early 2020 after deciding it was the right time to change industries. Coming from a support and analysis background, Hannah has quickly settled into her role as a production manager at Cubic Promote.

Diligent and proactive, Hannah likes to keep clients in the loop about their orders and stays on top of the latest additions to our sizable catalogue.

Client Reactivators

Leena Zhang

Client Reactivator

Fun Facts:

A cat lover.
Really enjoys great food adventures.
Longs to travel again

Leena has been part of the Cubic team since the start of 2021, and you'll recognise her as the voice you hear when you give our office a call! After some time spent in consulting and administration, Leena is now the office manager for Cubic's Pitt Street location.

Because she is social by nature, Leena loves engaging with clients on the phone and in-person (when we aren't in lockdown, of course). If anyone in the team needs a task handled, Leena is always keen to step up and lend a hand.

Mariam Low

Client Reactivator

Fun Facts:

Loves to organise outings, trips & meet ups.
Is into health & wellness.
Loves sudoku!

Mariam started with Cubic Promote in early 2021 after working across several industries, including hotel management, education, and office administration. She has brought a can-do attitude to the Cubic team and always finds new solutions to everyday issues.

Within the Cubic team, Mariam is the expert in packaging & sending out bespoke orders and booking local courier services. She also works to help out other staff members with any problems that arise during the day.

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