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It is 2017 and we have an exciting scholarship on offer for Australian students. If you are a student (full time or part-time) and am studying in the fields of Marketing and Business then we would welcome you to make an application with us. The Cubic Promote 2017 Scholarship.


Sydney Office

Australian Office / Showroom Details (By Appointment Only)

Cubic Promote Australia
Suite 401, Level 4,
64 Castlereagh Street
Sydney 2000 (across from MLC)
Mon - Fri / 9am - 5pm
 Cubic Team Member Carlos

Charles | Team Member


Favourite Food:
Cheeseburgers (extra cheese)
Favourite Drink:
Doctor Pepper or Organic Cola
Most Embarrassing Moment:
Split my school shorts in primary school
Favourite Holiday:
Los Angeles Disney Land
In my spare time I:
Like to build stuff (stereos, rc cars, anything really)
I'm an Audiophile (might need to look that up)
Favourite Music:
Bosa Nova Jazz,Kanye West, N.E.R.D
I'm looking forward to:
Peace on Earth
Team Member Wendy

Wendy | Team Member


Favourite food:
Salmon Sashimi
Favourite website:
Favourite quote:
What doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger
Favourite drink:
Any alcohol
Favourite holiday destination:
Anywhere I can sleep comfortably
I hope to be remembered for:
Being a good Parent
In my spare time I:
Sleep & TV
Favourite subject:
Happiest memory at school:
When I successfully skipped class
Favourite music:
Any type of Music
I hope to become:
A happy person
I’m looking forward to:
Becoming happier
The country I’d like to visit is:
Team Member Jasmine

Jasmine | Accounts


Favourite Food:
Currently its Red Rock Salt & Vinegar Chips
Favourite Drink:
Mulled Red Wine
I have a talent for:
Attention to detail
Favorite Subject:
Talking about my guinea pigs or other furry friends
Coming with an idea to cook & buying crockery for the 1 recipe
I'm an Audiophile (might need to look that up)
I'm looking forward to:
Going on holidays and staying in luxury hotels
In my spare time I:
Shop, clean, cook or watch TV
Team Member Yunita

Yunita | Team Member


Favourite Food:
Ramen & Sashimi
Favourite Drink:
Milk Tea
Favourite Music:
Favourite Quote:
Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish
In My Spare Time I:
Go shopping!
Favourite activities:
Movies, Travelling & Photography
Cities I'd Like To Visit:
Paris, NYC, Tokyo, and Prague
Team Member Gillian

Gillian | Team Member


Favourite Food:
Anything in Thai Restaurant
Favourite Drink:
Milk Tea
Favourite Website:
Sydney Timeout
Favourite Music:
Any type that is not noisy
In My Spare Time I:
Go shopping, Cook and Eat :p
Team Member Steph

Steph | Team Member


Favourite Food:
Chicken Nuggets
Favourite Drink:
Iced Tea
Favourite Place:
My Bed
Favourite Music:
Cooking & Day dreaming
I'm looking forward to:
Travelling around the world
Team Member Yoshe

Yoshe | Team Member


Favourite Food:
Favourite Drink:
Milk Tea
Favourite Place:
The couch
Favourite Music:
Anything terrible from the 80s
I'm looking forward to:
Visiting my family


How To Order?

Just contact us for what you are looking for.  There are no forms to fill in.  We take care of all the admin stuff to save you time and the hassle of filling out forms. We will return your enquiry generally within the hour with a written quote.  Should you wish to proceed please email us the following:

1)  Artwork (EPS or PDF saved with curved editable outlines)
2)  Invoicing Address
3)  Delivery Details

Afterwards a mock up of the item with your logo would be emailed to you for your approval.  This will illustrate your print colour as well as the orientation & positioning of your logo or intended artwork for your desired promotional item once you are happy with this an invoice will be emailed to you.  By placing and Order with Cubic Promote you are bound to our Sales Terms and Conditions. Please click on the Terms and Conditions to view or request a copy from one of our Sales Representatives.  Please feel free to contact us for more info on promotional giveaways.






(warehouse where & packing staff where your promotional products are stored ready to be branded with your logo!!)


Sydney Office

Cubic Promote Global

America :
Custom Flash Drives Direct
Figueroa at Wilshire, 601 South Figueroa Street, Suite 4050, Los Angeles
CA90017 U.S.A
Hong Kong
Cubic Products Ltd.
Mark Wong (
Tel: 852-2872 8682
2/F Dah Sing Life Building,
99~105 Des Voeux Road C., Central, Hong Kong.



Sponsor & Support Local Communities

We also Sponsor & Support Local Communities including:

  Cubic Promote is proud to support the Queensland Ambulance Service

  Cubic Promote is a proud sponsor of HKABA (Hong Kong & Australian Business Association)

  Cubic Promote is a proud sponsor of the Mental Health Association of NSW & WA

  A portion of all sales proceeds from promotional items goes to UNICEF

  Cubic Promote is a proud support of the Australian Orangutan Association

More info on promotional giveaways.

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