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Canberra, Australia's capital city, is not only a nexus of key government departments making pivotal economic decisions but also a hub of diverse tourist attractions. This unique blend of governance and tourism creates a dynamic environment for businesses and organizations, making it an ideal locale for leveraging promotional products. Cubic Promote, with its comprehensive range of branded merchandise, is at the forefront of supplying to all areas within Canberra, encompassing both metropolitan and regional ACT regions.

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Catering to Canberra's Diverse Promotional Needs

Our dedication at Cubic Promote is to provide quality promotional merchandise to Canberra's businesses and organizations efficiently and effectively. Our local presence, enriched by years of branding experience, makes us a reliable partner for your promotional needs. We cater to a variety of sectors, including government departments, independent businesses, and event organizations, ensuring that our clients receive:

  • Competitive prices without compromising on quality.
  • Assurance and peace of mind from a trusted local Australian company.
  • Unbeatable customer service throughout the purchasing process.
  • Prompt delivery and dispatch of promotional products directly to your Canberra location.

For those new to the realm of promotional products or seeking a more engaging experience than what is offered elsewhere, Cubic Promote is the ideal choice.

Extensive Product Range

Cubic Promote stands out as a leading online supplier of promotional products in Canberra and the wider ACT area. Our extensive product range caters to various needs and preferences. From classic items like branded hats, shirts, coffee mugs, keyrings, and USBs to more innovative options, we offer a vast array of choices. Additionally, our digital printing services and 3D animation capabilities allow for unique and impactful branding solutions. The most common promotional products in Canberra include:

  • Branded Apparel: This includes items such as t-shirts, polo shirts, and jackets, often used for team events, corporate branding, and uniforms.
  • Drinkware: Including coffee mugs, water bottles, and travel tumblers, these items are popular for their practicality and frequent use.
  • Office Supplies: Customized stationery items like pens, notepads, and desk organizers are in demand for their utility in the workplace.
  • Tech Gadgets: USB drives, power banks, and other tech accessories are highly sought after for their relevance in today’s digital world.
  • Bags and Totes: Branded backpacks, tote bags, and cooler bags are popular for their versatility and wide-ranging use in various events and promotions.
  • Caps and Hats: These items are favored for outdoor events and as stylish accessories for brand promotion.
  • Keyrings: An evergreen choice for their functionality and ease of distribution.
  • Eco-Friendly Products: Items like reusable straws, eco-bags, and bamboo products are increasingly popular due to growing environmental consciousness.
  • Promotional Novelties: Items such as fridge magnets, badges, and wristbands, often used for campaigns and giveaways.
  • Health and Safety Products: With a focus on wellbeing, items like branded hand sanitizers, face masks, and fitness gear are gaining traction.

Expert Guidance and Quality Assurance

Our team at Cubic Promote comprises experts who guide you through every step of your order. We assist in selecting the best products based on your budget and branding requirements, and we manage everything from logo and artwork development to final delivery. We are an ISO 9001 accredited company, emphasizing quality in design, production, and delivery, ensuring that the end product meets your expectations and adheres to safety standards.

Value for Money and Efficient Service

Cubic Promote is synonymous with value for money, offering competitive prices and monthly discounts. Our quick turnaround times, customer-centric pricing structures, and dedicated customer support reflect our understanding of what customers seek in today's fast-paced world.

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Trusted by Prominent Canberra Organizations

Our reputation in Canberra is bolstered by our work with significant organizations, including the Department of Defence, Department of Health & Ageing, Australian National University, and Australian Catholic University. This trust reflects our capacity to meet the diverse and high-standard needs of various sectors.

Department of Defence Department of Defence

Department of Health & AgeingDepartment of Health & Ageing

Australian National UniversityAustralian National University

Australian Catholic University Australian Catholic University

In the bustling and politically significant landscape of Canberra, promotional products play a crucial role in brand visibility and engagement. Cubic Promote stands ready to partner with you, offering a range of products and services tailored to meet the unique promotional needs of Canberra's businesses and organizations. Whether for government events, corporate initiatives, or educational campaigns, Cubic Promote is your go-to source for quality promotional merchandise in Canberra.

Feel free to watch our video below to learn more about promotional product options for Canberra and the ACT.

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Jasmine Liu

Jasmine is the head of Cubic Promote's accounts and has 14 years of experience in the promotional product industry. Because Jasmine's expertise is with the financial end of things, she is an expert on budget-friendly campaigns and large-scale promotions requiring additional logistics. Visit her on LinkedIn or email her at

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