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While we have a large range of promotional products available online, you may prefer to browse for your promotional products for your organisation (or your event) through a traditional catalogue. Traditional print catalogues are a great way to go through promotional gift options with your whole team in a meeting, or to ensure everyone is accessing the exact same product data if you're spread out between locations. Here at Cubic Promote we understand the need for modern technological solutions being balanced with traditional approaches to marketing merchandise, which is why we are happy to provide catalogues to all our clients upon request.

Printed Catalogue with pen and planner on the side

Why Use a Printed Promotional Product Catalogue?

Promotional merchandise catalogues are extensive collections of items adorned with a company's branding, designed to boost their visibility and foster customer interaction. These catalogues showcase an array of products, from common items like pens, mugs, and bags, to more unusual offerings such as memory sticks, portable chargers, and even custom merchandise designed for particular sectors or events.

Promotional merchandise catalogues can be a wellspring of creativity. By delving into the vast array of options, businesses can uncover novel and inventive concepts that can enhance the impact and memorability of their promotional endeavours. For instance, a firm aiming to champion environmental causes might be inspired by eco-conscious products like refillable drink containers or promotional eco cutlery made from bamboo, which demonstrate their dedication to sustainable practices.

Promo Product Catalogues Encourage Informed Decision-Making

Furthermore, promotional merchandise catalogues enable companies to evaluate prices and quality among various suppliers. This helps them make informed choices when selecting the supplier that best suits their requirements and budgetary limitations. Catalogues often include information about delivery schedules, minimum order quantities, and personalisation possibilities, which can be useful when organising promotional events.

Promotional merchandise catalogues also allow businesses to keep abreast of the newest trends in the industry. By staying informed about new product categories and design advancements, companies can ensure their promotional items remain relevant and attractive to their target market. This, in turn, can help businesses stay one step ahead of competitors and maintain a robust brand presence in the market.

Creative Brand-Boosting Ideas

Promotional merchandise catalogues are invaluable tools for businesses and organisations looking to boost their brand visibility and foster customer interaction. By providing a wide range of products, creative ideas, and useful information, these catalogues enable businesses to make informed decisions when planning and executing promotional initiatives. In today's intensely competitive environment, leveraging promotional merchandise catalogues can be the key to achieving marketing triumph and standing apart from the competition.

Promotional Product Catalogues

If you would like a specific range of products you were primarily interested in, let us know so we can have a tailored catalogue, just for your needs! Cubic Promote has focused catalogues focusing on the following areas:

  • Uniforms and Apparel
  • Conference and Exhibition ideas
  • Corporate Gifting ideas
  • Promotional Toys
  • Budget Freebie Gifting Ideas
  • Promotional Technology products
  • Promotional products for the home
  • Promotional products for the outdoors

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